Chapter One.

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Violet's POV

"Hello girls, thank you for joining me today." Simon said giving us hugs. Simon Cowell was our manager, he signed my friend Chelsea and I to Syco a few months ago, and we've been in the process of getting out there, lately.

"So, why did you call us down?" Chelsea asked, making me laugh. She always just cuts to the chase. She was like that when we were 13, and 5 years later, she still is the same.

"Well, I managed to get you girls the opening act of a tour. Now this is going to sound last minute, but you're leaving tomorrow morning. I want you to go home and pack, and be ready to leave tomorrow morning for your tour in America."

We both screamed. We were going on tour! This is what we had been dreaming about since we met in the eighth grade. And it was in America! We had both always wanted to go there, and now we finally get to. I ran over to Simon and gave him a big hug with Chelsea. He was the best.

"Who are we opening for?" I asked him and he gave me a sneaky smile.

"Let's make that a surprise, you'll meet them tomorrow morning, you'll be leaving together. Trust me, I think you two are going to be very pleased with me when you see who they are." I was so excited, and my mind was racing with bands we might be opening for.

"Thank you so much! We'll see you tomorrow morning!" Chelsea said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me with her outside. We hopped in a cab and headed to the flat that the two of us shared to pack for our tour. OUR TOUR! Just thinking it was exciting!

"What clothes should I bring?" Chelsea asked me, calling from her closet.

"Um, all of it?" I responded. I mean, it was a tour in America. That wouldn't be over so quick, and she would probably end up wearing it all, even if she brought everything she owned. And trust me, that girl has alot of clothes.

"Good call!" she answered. I laughed.

I started to carefully pack all my clothes in a big suit case, along with some bed sheets and blankets. Then I took a Vera Bradley duffle and started filling it with the knick knacks and objects that I just couldnt leave home without. Pictures of my family, magazines, books, a stuffed elephant I'd had since I was born. That kinda thing.

When I went to go to bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I knew that I wasnt going to be able to sleep. I was just too excited! I was wondering who the band we were opening for was going to be. Simon seemed really excited for us, so they must be really famous. And if they were really famous, that must mean their shows would be sold out. So cool!

I woke up to my loud alarm and jumped out of bed. I know it's weird to have energy in the morning, especially since I didn't get much sleep, but I was just too excited to be dull! I hoped into the shower quickly, washing out my long, curly, chestnut hair. I hopped out, drying my body and hair and quickly applied a light coat of makeup, making sure my blue eyes popped. I sliped myself into a pair of peach high waisted shorts and a high low cream sweater. I put on my white crochet Toms and jumped into Chelsea's empty room. She packed EVERYTHING. She had her long, wavy, blonde hair down naturally. Her make-up was light, her green eyes accented. She wore a pair of pair of black leggings, Ugg boots, and an oversized cream sweater with a peach scarf. I laughed at her outfit because it was nice outside, but she claims she's always cold. "We're late!" She said as we collected our stuff and put them into a taxi-van.

"We're fine, Chelsea." I said reassuring her. "We have two hours before our flight. Calm down." She rolled her eyes at me and put her headphones in.

We got to the airport in record time mainly because Chelsea kept yelling at the cab driver to go faster. She's a wild one, that's all I can say. We met Simon at our jet, which made Chelsea and I scream that we got to ride a jet. "Alright girls, we have some things to say before you go, alright?" Simon said and we nodded our heads, still freaking out a bit. "Once you start to get more popular, you will be surronded by cameras every moment you're exposed. There will be a lot of publicity. Just, try not to cause a scene by yelling at anyone to go faster, or anything." He said looking straight at Chelsea. She shrugged, her cheeks going a bit red.

"It's not my fault." She said as we shook our heads, laughing a bit.

"Also, you two will get your own tour bus. The boy's tour bus is already quite full, and I didn't think you would want to share a tour bus with the boys, especially if you end up fighting with them or something, but I assure you, they are good guys. And finally, if you ever want to come home, don't jump on a plane right away. Give me a call first, please." He said before we said our goodbyes and hugged. It was a bit sad leaving Simon, I mean, he's like our uncle. We waved before stepping onto the jet. "Don't fan girl!" He shouted waving back at us. We both looked back in confusion before colliding with the five most beautiful boys in the world.


Hi! Sorry for the short chapter, just getting in the grove of the new book. But this one will be long, interesting, and good! My friend and I will be co-writing, as usual, if you didn't know. But we're starting band camp in a few days, and then school a few days after that. So our usual update three times a day kind of thing won't be happening. We'll try our best to update once a day, but we'll definitely always be working on something, wether it's saved or published. I hope you all enjoy this book!!!!

-Molly (and Gabby.)

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