Chapter Nine.

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Okay, yeah we're having Violet's POV again. I promise the next chapter will be Chelsea's or at least one of the boys! For now it just kind of feels necesary that we see how Violet feels about the kiss and what happens with her emotions know what? I'm just going to start writing now.

Violet's POV

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that..." Louis whispered, his eyes still closed, unlike me. My eyes were wide. Like, they were on the verge of popping out of their sockets. What just happened. Didn't he just tell me that I was a good friend, key word: FRIEND, last night? Last time I checked, friends didnt do that. Not that I was complaining, not at all. It was just such a shock. I mean, Niall told me that Louis liked me, but I kind of thought he was just saying that so I wasn't feeling sorry for myself all the time.

Louis opened his eyes slowly and gave me a small smile. My eyes softened.

"Lou.." I whispered, and knotted my fingers in his hair before pulling him in to kiss me again. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, deepening the kiss. I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip, asking for an entrance to my mouth, which of course I granted. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started tugging on it, when Niall interupted.

"Hey, how do you want your eg- WHOA. Sorry, you two. I guess I'll just..bye.." Niall said. I could hear him laughing as he walked away. I groaned, but Louis chuckled. Oh, right. Louis.

"So.." I said, slightly awkwardly. It was occuring to me that I had just been starting to get into a full blown make out session with a boy who I didn't even tell him I liked him, nor had he told me if he had feelings for me. Feeling slightly skanky I moved a little bit away from him, but still close.

"So." He said smiling.

"Would you like to tell me what you came over to tell me now?" I asked innocently. His face turned serious.

"I really, really like you Violet." I smiled.

"I really, really like you too, Louis."

"Why didn't you tell me before..?" He asked. He had to be joking.

"You're not serious right? You were dating Eleanor! I didnt want to ruin that for you, I know you loved her.."

"Well, now we don't have to worry about that. She broke up with me.. because of you, ironically enough," he said actually laughing. I slapped his arm.

"Are you trying to make me feel bad? I never had the intention to break you two up! I never thought she'd see the video, and if she did I didn't think she'd jump to that conclusion!" Louis was still laughing..except now I was pretty sure he was laughing at me. "What is so funny?!" I demanded.

"You! You're way too cute. I'm not blaming you for anything..she's been worried about you and me for a while now, I just didnt tell you. That video just pushed her over the edge.."

"She was worried..? Lou, what exactly did she say to you when she broke up with you?"

"She left a voicemail. I got it right after the concert. She said something along the lines of 'I knew I couldn't trust you around that girl, I knew you had feelings for her after that twitcam you did. Now that I know you SLEEP with her?! That's too much. I'm done.' " He said, not exactly sad.

"Was..was that it?" I asked. I felt way beyond guilty.

"She also told me to never speak to her again.." Well, fuck. (A/N sorry for the language. Sorry if you're offended. Also, I might as well point out that I'm not trying to put down Eleanor in anyway. I adore her and she seems like a lovely person. This is all kind of just necesary for the story, you know?)

"Oh, Louis, I'm so sorry.."

"Don't be sorry..this means we can be together..If you want to, I mean." he said blushing. I smiled and giggled. I probably looked about seven years old.

"Yes, yes, of course!" I said and hugged him. I seriously got to call Louis William Tomlinson mine. This was unreal.

He smiled and pulled me in for another kiss.

Chelsea's POV

I was whisking some eggs in a bowl to make scrambled eggs for Niall and myself, when Niall walked into the kitchen laughing like crazy. I sent him to the lounge area to find out what kind of eggs Louis and Violet wanted for breakfast, so I really didnt know what could be so funny. I raised an eyebrow.

"What's so funny?" I asked him.

"I walked in, to ask them about their eggs and all, and they were full out snogging! Vi was practically tearing the clothes off him!" he said between fits of laughs. I covered my mouth and tried really hard not to laugh. Violet must be so embarassed in there. It also really surprised me to hear that this had even happen. Not that she's really a prude or anything, but she's usually one of those girls who limits herself to a kiss goodnight on the first few dates. And her and Louis hadnt even gone on one date. And wasnt Louis still dating Eleanor? Okay, yeah. I'm just really confused.

"But..isn't Louis dating Eleanor?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Nah, he dumped her last night. She was convinced he was cheating on her with Violet. Louis' had feelings for Vi since he met her though, so I guess its all for the better." I nodded. I continued to whisk the eggs and tried not to think about what Louis and Violet where doing in the next room over.

Okay guys wow, that wasnt the best. But we're going to look past that and just appreciate everything that happened between Louis and Violet in this chapter, okay? Also, I'm really not trying to put down Eleanor. It's really just for the sake of this story. I fully support her relationship with Louis, just to make this clear. Also, I figured I'd tell you a small story about how Molly and I write these, just because, I dont know. I think it's kind of funny. You might have noticed that in every story on this account, there is two girls dating two of the boys. There are also two authors. Funny how that works out, right? ha, so in every story, no matter how different the girls are we write about, seriously, they never look or act anything like us, we'll always start to think of one of the characters as being us. It's really lame. Anyways, follow me on twitter, I'll follow you back! @gabbycianciolo_

 xxx Gabby

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