Author's Note.

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Hey guys. So we're sorry that we didn't write today, but let's just explain our day, and you will understand why we didn't get to. So we go to the park that's right down the street from Molly's house, you know just to swing on the swings, no big deal. That's all we wanted to do, swing. Is that too much to ask for? No. So we go to the park, minding our own buisness when these hicks and wanna-be's are there, STARING AT US. This wasn't nessecary, I know. So we pretend to just casually walk away, like we were planning on just walking, again not a big deal. There's an elementary school right up the street, so we decided to go to that park. When we get there, these two guys and two girls walk there, and let me just explain how our town works: if you're popular, you're famous. if you're not, like us, you're just a loser. great right? So, they're popular, so what did we do? We looked at each other, and turned around making the situation even more awkward, and RAN away.. not an exaggeration, we really ran. So then we decided it was stupid for us to run away from them, so we went back, and went down to the field where there was a short cut back to Molly's house. We got all the way to the short cut, it was covered in poison ivy, so we went back to the park, when we noticed that one of the boys and one of the girls started walking infront of us, going the same way we were going. We didn't think anything of it, because honestly, who does? So, we started walking back to Molly's house, and we turned the corner and saw the girl on her knees giving the guy a blowjob. We didn't actually see the 'deed' but we saw enough, so we went back to the park, and stood there for a good 15 minutes discussing the situation when we realized the other guy was staring at us. So we decided to not pass the blowjob and go the other path, which gave us another good 3 miles to get home. Now, if he wasn't getting a blow job, we could have gotten home in less than a half a mile. But when we started walking to this other path, MORE ATTRACTIVE MEN CAME. Now we both look like absolute crap, so this was great. After we walked down a neighborhood judging every house because we're terrible people, we walked into a parking lot where 5 MORE ATTRACTIVE GUYS pulled up that we knew. Now you'd think it couldn't get any worse, but then after we ran (like our cross country future selves) on THE BUSIEST ROAD IN OUR TOWN, got stupid stares from people thinking it was our choice, and walking through high grass that made our legs itch like crazy we get to the park that we were originally going to go to and got on the swings like originally planned when Gabby got a text from one of the guys in the car saying 'I see you." Creepy? Yes. So then we're swinging, discussing how terrible this is, and then the two guys from the park, the one with the staring problem and the blowjob addict, come to the park and stare at us. Like, how bad does that look for us? Then, they go up into Molly's neighborhood. So after a good 5 minutes, we decided to go home and just get this day over with, so we walk up to our neighborhood only to see more people we hate. We can't make this stuff up. This day sucked. If you could just take a moment and realize how great your life is and how lucky you are that you aren't us...

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