Chapter Twelve.

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Violet's POV

I had no idea what to say or do to help Chelsea. She's never been this heartbroken over a boy before, so it's not like I have experience with calming her down at these moments. Louis was rubbing her back and whispering things to her but I don't know what he was saying. He sang a few things to her which made her smile, but then she would cry again. I had no clue what else to do, because Niall was clearly drunk so talking to him would be stupid. And Louis was taking care of her pretty well, so I told them I was going over the boy's bus to give them time alone. I obviously wasn't needed over there..

I knocked on the door of the bus and let myself in, walking through into the bunk area. Niall was sleeping, but you could see his cheeks were tear stained. Maybe he realized what he did? Harry, Zayn and Liam were sitting in their lounge so I joined them, Liam looking even more distraught then before.

"Does anyone know what the hell is happening?" Harry said looking around. I nodded my head and so did Liam. Oh god, I wonder if Niall did anything to Liam.

"Niall's drunk and thinks that I hooked up with Chelsea so he broke up with her." Liam said holding his head in his hands. "I don't want to see her hurt because of me."

"Liam, you didn't do anything wrong. But what really got Chelsea was that Niall said he could do better than her. That's been an insecurity of hers this whole time, that's she's not good enough for you boys. And I think she loves Niall.." I said making Liam get angry. Lets just add gasoline to the fire, Vi!

"He told her he could do better?" He asked clinching his fists, Zayn and Harry looking equally as pissed. These boys really care about Chelsea...

"He's drunk.." I said defending Niall a bit. This may have been the wrong time to say something in Niall's favor.

"Yeah well he's about to be dead too!" Harry said getting up but I got in his way.

"Look I know you're all mad at Niall for hurting Chelsea, I am too, but in the morning he'll beat himself up for it. Don't make anything any worse. Just go to bed guys.." I said sitting Harry down.

"I'm going to go sleep in your bus tonight." Zayn said getting up and grabbing clothes to sleep in.

"Yeah, me too." Harry said leaving Liam and I alone in the lounge.

"I will to. Look, I know you think that Niall is really innocent in this situation, but drunk or not, no one deserves to be told that, and I'm going to defend Chelsea. She's my best friend." Liam said making the worst eye contact with me.

"She's my best friend too, Liam! But Niall is our friend too. Be considerate to both sides.." I said in my small voice.

"I'm going to sleep in your bus tonight. Are you staying here or what?" Liam said sounding annoyed with me. I'm glad everyone hates me tonight.

"I'm staying here. Tell Louis I'm here if he wants to sleep here, but Niall shouldn't wake up alone.." I said as Liam just left the bus. Well screw you.

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