Chapter Ten.

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Chelsea's POV

"Yo." Zayn said walking into our tour bus.

"The Bradford bad boy!" I exclaimed making Niall burst into a fit of laughter, while Zayn rolled his eyes. "Vas happenin?"

"Liam and I were wondering if you two wanted to hang out today?" I mean, whatever gets us away from the make-out session..

"Yeah, let's go!" I said grabbing my phone and following Niall and Zayn out the door. I mean, Vi and Lou will eventually find out we're gone, no need to tell them.

"Chelsea!" Liam screamed as he ran over to me. Liam and I haven't really hung out, like just having fun, in a little while, so we missed each other!

"Liam!" I screamed back, laughing. "So, what are we doing today?" I asked after hugging Liam.

"There's an amusement park here, so we were thinking we would go there, ride some roller coasters-" Zayn said before I cut him off.

"We could just close our eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life instead!" I said making Liam and Niall laugh.

"It's an inspirational quote, Chels. What's your Twitter bio again? 'I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.' What does that even mean?" Zayn snapped back. We did this bickering a lot, but we still love each other.

"Haven't you ever seen the movie Anchorman? Why don't you just go back to your wee little town in England called Dumbhairshire." I said quoting Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. Niall was laughing so hard because it was his character who said it in the movie.

"Oh, are we quoting Niall from Adventurous Adventures of One Direction? Fine, I will too. Don't be a c-" (A/N I'm pretty sure anyone who's seen that video knows what that word is...)

"Alright, let's stop.." Liam said breaking us up. "Anyway, let's go to the amusement park."

"So how's Nelsea going?" Zayn asked as we sat down at a table in the park. Nelsea was the worst couple name if you ask me, but it's better than Ciall. Nelsea has been trending all day, which is weird for me since I've only ever been trending once. But it's a good weird!

"Great!" I said smiling as Niall put his arm around me.

"We're not the only love birds.." Niall mumbled as I hit his arm. Liam and Zayn exchanged weird looks before asking.

"Violet and Louis?" Liam asked surprised. We've all kind of seen this coming, it was just a shock to all of us because he and Eleanor just broke up. I nodded in response.

"But, Eleanor just broke up with him. Like, yesterday.." Thank you for reading my mind Zayn.

"They've liked each other this whole time.." Niall said shoving a slice of pizza in his mouth, a bit of sauce on the corner of his mouth that Liam, being a good Daddy Direction, wiped off with a napkin. These boys make me laugh..

"So they're dating?" Liam asked.

"No, well maybe. I didn't really ask. They were too busy making out." I said awkwardly. I'm not one to talk about sexual situations at all. I'm not the kind of girl who's comfortable with watching sex scenes or even kisses in movies or TV. That kind of stuff just makes me automatically go into awkward mode.

"That's too much information.." Zayn said awkwardly.

(A/N) Lol hi, we're switching authors. from this point on its Gabby writing, hi :)

"Well at least they get to be happy.." Liam sighed, and we all looked at him confused. Really, what was this boy talking about. All he's talked about since I've met him is Danielle, and how gorgeous she is, and how funny and how they have so much in common. I mean, I love Liam, and Danielle seems like a great girl and all, but when this is all you hear, it gets old pretty fast. 

"What are you talking about?" Zayn asked.

"Dani broke up with me this morning.." Liam said in a small voice.

"WHAT?!" We all shouted at the same time. Really..what? When did this happen? They're like, the perfect couple..

"Why..?" Harry asked.

"I don't know..she said she just wasnt feeling it anymore..But maybe it's for the best. We've been drifting apart for awhile.." Liam said with tear falling down his cheek.

"Maybe we should go back to the buses now?" I suggested. I was guessing Liam didnt really want to be crying in public.

He nodded and we all headed back to our bus.

wowww don't hate me for that. like what am i even doing with this. filler's are so hard to write, okay? like, nothing happens but they still have to be interesting, but you need to have a few in your story and ugh. whatever. So anyways. Dont hate me for that breakup, seriously. Like I did with Eleanor let's just a few things clear. I LOVE DANIELLE. Okay? She's gorgeous and I love her and Liam together and theyre so happy and cute and I love it. But this isnt real life. It's a fan fiction. Clearly I dont know everything about their lives and relationships, so therefore, everything I write here is obviously not true. Like, I don't see Danielle randomly breaking up with Liam anytime soon. That would be awful. But I actually know where I'm going from that breakup.. And i think it will make this story pretty good.. or at least pretty entertaining! Follow me on twitter, I follow back!  @gabbycianciolo_

infinate x's and o's, Gabby

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