Chapter Two.

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Chelsea's POV

Infront of my eyes stood my absolute favorite band in the world, One Direction. I stood there starstruck as Violet said the first words, thankfully. "I'm Violet, this is Chelsea. Looks like we're your opening act!" She said smiling, giving them all hugs. I gave them hugs, remaining silent. This couldn't be..

"Your friend can talk, right?" Niall asked pointing to me. I nervously giggled which probably sounded a lot creepier than I imagined, which is great. I nodded my head, realizing I still wasn't talking.

"I can, I can talk.." I said fiddling with my hands. "Guess we should sit down now!" I said racing to my seat. Luckily for me, they all came and sat around me, giving me plenty of time to recover from that. Sarcasm is key, my friends.

"So, what's your full name?" Harry asked smiling.

"How old are you?" Liam asked, repeating Harry's smile.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Niall asked. Luckily Zayn and Louis bombarded Violet, so I wasn't full on with these questions, but these three were eager to learn about me.

"Where are you from?" "Any siblings?" "Do you write your own songs?" I cut them off after that question and decided to answer.

"My name is Chelsea Brand. I don't have a middle name. I'm 17, turning 18 in a few weeks. I do not have a boyfriend. I'm from London, England. I don't have any siblings, but Violet is basically my sister. I write the lyrics for our songs, Vi does all the instrumental stuff. I usually give her most of the solos because I feel bad she doesn't write the lyrics." I said catching my breath after blurting all of that out. They smiled and nodded their heads, and finished their questions. That was easy. I put in my headphones and turned on One Direction, quiet enough so they wouldn't hear it. I fell asleep, and when I woke up we were in America, surprisingly. I didn't think I would sleep that long, but I guess I was wrong! Niall softly tapped on my shoulder, attempting to wake me up. I pretended like it was him who woke me up, but it wasn't. "Hey.." I said tiredly. I looked around at the empty jet. "Where is everyone?"

"They all put your stuff in your bus. I said I would stay here and wake you up, cause Vi said you take a while to wake up, but she was wrong.." He said laughing a bit. I smiled at the thought that he stayed to wake me up, but I pushed every thought about him away in my mind. I got up, streched, and then followed Niall to our tour bus that was parked in a parking lot a little ways away. I'm glad I slept through everyone bringing my stuff to the tour bus, because I really wasn't looking forward to that.

"How long is this walk?" I asked Niall who shrugged.

"Want to get on my back?" He asked and I immediatly nodded. I mean, who denies a piggy back ride when offered? "You're light!" He said making me cringe. I hated when people said this to me.. I went through a stage last year where I just made myself throw up all the time. It wasn't fun to say the least.

"I'm too light." I mumbled, but he shook his head in dissagreement. I ignored it, and pretended like I didn't catch it. We finally got to the tour buses, and saw two red buses, one slightly bigger than the other. That one was clearly the boys. Why did two girls need a big bus?

"So, this is yours." Niall said dropping me off at the bigger bus. I laughed, until I realized he was serious.

"Why do we get the bigger bus?" I asked in disbelief. I'm not complaining though.. Just throwing that out there.

"Simon said you could use the space." He said shrugging. I smiled and skipped into the tour bus, he followed. I smiled at the bus. It had a small kitchenette with a TV, 6 beds, (3 sets of bunk beds, 2 on each.), and an area closed off for the driver. The bathroom was small, but manageable. I smiled and nodded in approval, and followed Niall to the boy's bus. They had 6 bunks (3 and 3), a lounge area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom, along with a driver area. They didn't have much bed space, which is what made our bus bigger, but that's what they have to live with, not me! That was rude, sorry..

"Well, I guess I'll see you at our first stop, boot camp! Welcome to America, Chels!" Niall said as I went into my bus. I then realized what we got ourselves into.\\

Hey! Sorry if this is short, I know it isn't my usual length, but I'm tired, and I wanted to get one more chapter in before I headed off to bed. So here's chapter two! Adioss...


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