Chapter Eleven.

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Let me just start out by saying that I had an amazing chapter written and then it deleted it on me. I'm so mad. So I'm trying to recreate it, but i don't think it will be as good. Sorry guys, blame Wattpad.


Chelsea's POV

I went back to my bus alone because all the boys were comforting Liam. They wanted it to be a guys day, so I left them alone, even though Lou and Vi went out so I was all alone in my bus. Awkward.

I turned on the TV to E! news and grabbed my MacBook, checking Twitter and following people. I like when I follow people they put in their bio what date I followed them, or they'll put as their name "THANKS CHELS!" People are so sweet! My personal fans call themselves Chelsers and Violet's personal fans call themselves Violers. It's so cute! After following a bunch of Chelsers and Directioners I put the laptop down and watched TV for a bit. I know, this is an interesting day.

"Niall Horan now dating Chelsea Brand, his opening act? Rumor or Truth? Unfortunately, girls, this is the truth. But they are so cute! Couple of the year?" The lady said showing a picture of Nialler and I. I giggled and changed the channel to some weird documentary that I fell asleep to. Did you really expect me to stay awake?

When I woke up in my bed and I had a bunch of unread texts, which is weird because no one ever texts me and I fell asleep on the couch.

Nialler<3: Hey babe, I came in and saw you sleeping, so I put you in your bed. You're beautiful even in your sleep! I never want to loose you! Xx

Louis Tommo: Hi love, do you mind if we steal your boy tonight?

To: Louis Tommo: Of course! Just bring him back to me tonight? Unless he's drunk.. Have fun you guys! Xx

Violet!: Hey Chels, I'm going out with Harry, Louis, Zayn and possibly Niall tonight. Just a heads up!

To: Violet!: Alright, have fun! I'll be with Liam! See ya! Xx

Liam Payne: Hey, we're both going to be in our tour buses alone tonight, want to just hang out? I miss my best friend!

To: Liam Payne: Of course! I miss you too, Li! Come over in a bit? Xx

I got changed into a high low black skirt with a cream top. I put my hair in a sock bun and slipped on a pair of black flats. I looked in the mirror and realized i looked just like Eleanor. Oh well, she has good style!

"Chelsea?" Liam said entering my bus. I waved him in, turning off the TV and grabbing my phone and purse. "Where to?"

"Dinner? I'm starving!" I said turning off the lights and grabbing the keys so no one could steal our stuff... Obviously.

"Sounds good! Lets go!" He said leaving the bus as I locked it. We spent all night laughing at absolutely nothing and doing ridiculous things. We went shopping and did Ellen's dance dare. We took videos of it and plan on sending it in to The Ellen Show! I mean, who would want to see Liam Payne and Chelsea Brand making complete fools of themselves? We went out for fro-yo before going back to the bus and talked about Danielle, which made him sad. Poor Liam..

"Remember Liam, we're all here for you. I'm just a bus away. You're always welcome to sleepover too!" I said before going into my bus. I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek before walking into my bus and waving goodbye. The poor kid is so heartbroken, it makes me sad. I went into my bunk to find Niall on his phone. He reeked of alcohol, but I didn't really mind. I understand he likes it.

"Hey babe! How was your night? Liam and I had sooooo much fun!" I said leaning on him, but he just pushed me off. Rough..

"I bet you guys had a lot of fun together." He said stuttering his words and slurring them together.

"He's one of my best friends Niall.. He's one of yours too. His girlfriend just broke up with him.. I have a boyfriend.. Do you really think something happened?" I said as my eyes got a bit glassy.

"You're disgusting. You cheated on me with my best friend. I hope you realize that I can do so much better than you, and I will! We're over, Chelsea." He said getting up, staggering a bit. I was now full on crying, which woke up Violet and Louis.

"What's going on here?" Louis said coming next to me and rubbing my back.

"Nothing. I'm leaving. I don't like liars." Niall said before leaving the bus, tripping over himself a few times.

"What the hell?" Violet said confused. I was too.. I think everyone was.

"This is why I didn't want him to come back drunk! Liam and I did nothing and now he broke up with me for no reason. I can't even call Liam because Niall will probably think something of it. He said it himself, he can do a lot better than me." I said pushing Louis' hand off of me and sliding into my bunk. Tonight is officially the worst night of my life.

Hi guys, it was about time for some drama! Well, this is now only going to be written by me! Gabby and I decided to finish a few individually. Hope you liked it! Sorry for the little dialogue.

-Molly! Xx @coolstorymolly

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