Chapter Seven.

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Violet's POV

When I woke up I saw Chelsea laying in Niall's bed..on top of Niall. I wasn't sure I wanted to be there for when they woke up, so I decided to go over to the boys bus for breakfast, since we were still parked and all. I didn't bother to get dressed, so I'm sure I looked pretty gosh darn cute, but none of the boys mentioned anything about it when I got to their bus.

"Hey, can I eat here for breakfast? I'm not exactly sure what Niall and Chels did last night, but I don't think I want to be there for when they wake up.." I said.

"Did they hook up last night?" Harry asked with a mouth full of cereal. Looking charming, Haz.

"I dont know, all I know was she was on top of him asleep when I woke up." I said.

"Are they dating?" Liam asked.

"I hope so! It's about time one of us dated one of you boys." I said jokingly, looking right at Louis. I actually wasnt joking at all. But he didn't have to know this. He smiled at me, then went back to typing something on his phone. Probably texting Eleanor. Ugh. I swear, before I met these boys, I was totally for Lou and El's relationship. She's gorgeous, and seems so sweet. And I mean, I'm sure I'd like her as a person. But, God.. All I wanted was Louis.

The boys started laughing, I'm not sure at what though. Then Liam looked at me.

"Are you excited for your first concert tonight?" He asked, smiling.

"Yes! I can't even tell you.. I've never actually seen peoples reactions to our music before, since we've only done stuff on YouTube. I'm really excited to preform for real people, and not just sing to my computer." I said, not bothering to hide how excited I was. All the boys smiled at me.

"Yeah, it is really great to see fans get to excited to see you." Zayn said.

Then Niall and Chelsea walked into the bus, and we all gave them knowing looks.

"Well, Niall? Did you do it?" I asked him. Chelsea looked confused, but Niall smiled widly and nodded.

"We're dating!"


Chels and I still had fans that watched our YouTube channel, even though we got signed to a real label now. They kept requesting a video showing them the inside of our tourbus, so we decided it might be fun to make one! After all, I'd be curious too. Chelsea set up the camera on the counter in our mini kitchen, and I sat down on the mini sofa it was facing, leaving room for Chelsea next to me. She turned it on, and came over to me and sat down next to me.

"Hello!" we said together.

"I'm Chelsea, and she's Violet, for those of you who don't know."

"And we're coming to you from our tour bus! A lot has been happening to us lately, so before we start our bus tour, how about we catch you up?"

"Well first of all, we're touring America with One Direction! How amazing is that?! And then there's even bigger news-" I cut her off. Whatever, I was too excited for her.

"Chelsea is dating NIALL HORAN!" I nearly shouted this. oops. She hit my arm.

"I wanted to tell them! Well oh well, I'm dating Niall. Now we just need to get Vi, over here one of the boys." She said winking. I blushed. She knew which boy I wanted, and we both knew it couldnt happen.

"Well ANYWAYS, let's get on with the tour!" We showed them around the kitchen, and the lounge area. We told them stories about the boys and what boot camp had been like. Then we got to the sleeping area. We showed them our beds, and we decided it would be easier to only show them Louis' spare bed, as apposed to all of theirs, since his is closest to the front.

"This is Louis' bed, that he uses when we have slumber parties!" I said, pointing the camera at his unmade bed.

At that moment, Louis popped his head in our bus. "Girls! We have to go over and get ready for the concert!" he called out, then left.

"Well, that was Louis! Haha, as you heard, we have to go get ready for our concert. It's our first show of the tour! I hope that any of you that get to come love it! Bye guys!" We signed off, and uploaded the video before going to the stadium with the boys.

We got back stage, and almost immediatly we were seperated from the boys. They had someone doing our hair, someone doing our makeup, and someone showing us our options for which clothes we could wear. When we got a chance to change, I put on a short, tight, sparkly pink dress. If I wasn't going to be wearing it on a stage it would look like way too much, but since we were going to be preforming, it needed a little extra sparkle. Chelsea wore a light green dress, that was a little less flashy, but she wore a cute jacket over it that made it look perfect.

Before we knew it, we were being rushed onstage in front of thousands of screaming fans. I was a little shocked at first, but then shook away the thought and smiled.

"Hello! I'm Violet!"

"And I'm Chelsea," she said introducing herself. I picked up my guitar that was set up on stage and started playing the first song in our set, Daylight. Apparently the audience recognized it and started screaming. Chlesea smiled before she started singing, since she had the opening verse in this song.

When we were done with all our songs, we ran off stage and quickly hugged the boys before they had to go on.

"You did amazing! You looked so great up there!" Louis said when I hugged him. I blushed.

"Good luck, you guys!" I called as they ran on stage. Instead of hanging around backstage, Chels and I decided to go back to our bus and wait for the boys to be done. When we got there we changed into our pajamas and put in a movie, Finding Nemo. Okay, we like childrens movies. Sue us. We made popcorn, and sat down to watch the movie.

"So.. what exactly happened last night?" I asked Chelsea. I know they're dating, but I still didnt know what actually went down. She smiled.

"Well..I actually overheard your conversation with him last night.." My jaw literally dropped.

"You did? I thought you were asleep!"

"Nope! Just pretending to be! But anyways, I overheard the conversation, and I heard him say that he liked me. And I liked him too, so of course I got excited. So when you went to bed, I went to talk to him and it just..happened," She said, smiling like an idiot.

"Thats so great, Chels!" I said and gave her a hug.

"Thanks! But, really, what's happening with you and Louis?" she asked. I sighed.

"Look, I really like him, and Niall said he likes me. But he loves Eleanor, and I don't want to get in the way of his relationship with her. I'm just going to hold back and bite my tounge and maybe they'll break up. " I said. Chelsea pouted.

"Aw, Vi, don't worry. He'll come around, and if he doesnt..Harry is single." She said smiling. I laughed.

"Yeah, but I dont want Harry, I want Louis.."

"I know, I know. Well, I'm going to bed. Good night!" She got up, and went into her bunk.

"Night!" I called after her. I decided to finish watching the rest of the movie before I went to bed.

Then Louis walked in.

At first I was excited to see him, but then I really looked at him.

His eyes were red and puffy, and he had a tear on his cheek. The corners of his mouth were turned down, and I could clearly see the sadness in his eyes.

"Lou! Oh, my gosh, Lou whats wrong?" I said running up to him. He went and sat down on the couch, and I sat next to him, waiting for him to respond. After what seemed like hours he looked me in the eyes.

"Eleanor broke up with me."

 WHOA. So now Louis is single..what will happen between him and Violet?! 

Well anyways, I'm sorry that chapter wasnt my best. And that I havent written in forever. I just had bandcamp from 12-8 so i really had no time. Well I'm back now! And so Molly gave you guys her twitter in the last one, so I should probably copy her and give you mine. It's @gabbycianciolo_  . I'm sorry I have a really impossible last name to spell...But I follow back!

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