Chapter Fourteen

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I just needed them to be back together.. I love them!//

Violet's POV

I walked into my bus to be welcomed by all the boys who I'm pretty sure still hate me. Except for Louis, unless he was told what happened. This should be fun.

"Hey Vi!" Louis said patting the seat next to him in the lounge. I went over and sat next to him as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. He's too cute!

"How was your night in our bus?" Liam asked biting into a piece of toast,

"Scary. You boys are slobs." I said making them all laugh. I don't know why, it was disgusting.

"Sorry, babe." Harry said in between laughing and eating his cereal. I shrugged and cuddled into Louis' chest.

"So what's happening over here?" Liam asked as I shrugged again. How was I suppose to know what was happening in their bus? "No, I mean between you and Lou."

"What do you mean?" I asked them delaying a response. I wanted to hit Louis for not talking..

"Are you dating?" Zayn asked. Ha, I wish.

"No.." I mumbled out as Louis squeezed my side.

"But you never know.." Louis said, my face turning crimson. I'm sure he's changing his mind now that I look stupid.

"So... What do you think happened between Chelsea and Niall? They've been over there for a while." I said changing the subject.

"Well, Chelsea may have realized that she can't live with Niall, or she could have killed Niall and ran away to Canada, changed her name to Barbara Dunkin, bought a house, got married, have a family with 4 sons and named them all Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn and she would have remembered how sexy I am and come back and reunite with us. So I don't know where she is.." Harry said as we all just stared blankly at him. He's the weirdest person I have ever met.

"Moving on.. Does someone want to go check on them?" Zayn said as I nodded and got up.

"I guess I should since I'm her best friend."

"I'll go with you in case she did go to Canada, I'll drive you there!" Louis said getting up and following me out of the bus. We walked into his bus, cause its his bus so it's not like we needed to knock, and found Chelsea and Niall in the lounge cuddling with each other. Well Chelsea was asleep and Niall was brushing her hair lightly with his fingers. Alright, they are officially the cutest couple. I'm only saying this because Louis and I aren't dating yet.

"Hey guys.." Niall whispered to make sure Chels didn't wake up.

"You guys good now?" Louis asked as Niall nodded his head, a tear falling from his eye. Aw, Nialler.

"I'm so stupid for saying that.. I didn't mean any of it, I was just mad and drunk. Lou, never do anything to lose Violet.. You feel like absolute rubbish." He said wiping the tear off of his cheek. He did some weird handshake with Louis and we left the bus leaving Niall and Chelsea there.

"Violet, I never want that to happen to us. I mean, fight like that." Louis said grabbing my hand and facing me.

"Me either, he looked really hurt." I said frowning at how upset they both were.

"Violet, I really like you." He said rubbing my thumb with his.

"I can't even describe how much I like you, Louis.." I said, my face turning a bit red.

"I want to make you the promise that I'll never do anything stupid to you, I never want to hurt you because when you're hurt, I'm hurt. You are the source of my happiness now, Violet. I want to call you mine." He said as my heart started beating 100 miles an hour.

"What are you saying?" I asked squeezing his hand. I wanted to fangirl SO much right now.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked as I squealed, nodding my head.

"OF COURSE!" I squealed throwing myself in his arms. I couldn't be any happier right now.

Later That Day

Everyone was in the boys bus, squished in the lounge. Chelsea and Niall were cuddling, along with Louis and I.

"So what's happening here?" Harry asked pointing at the four of us.

"Louis and I are dating!!!" I exclaimed not letting anyone else answer. Look, my news is important. They all "aw'd" and adored us for a moment and then got refocused to Niall and Chelsea.

"What about you two?" Harry asked. He was just full of questions today.

"I got lucky, she took me back!" Niall said as everyone praised them too. Poor Liam, I wouldn't know how to deal.

"Do you guys want to go out tonight?" Zayn asked as everyone nodded excitedly.

"Any clubs around here?" Liam asked, shocking me. Liam, you should ask if there's any playgrounds. Be innocent!

"I'm still 17 guys." Chelsea said as i laughed a bit at her awkwardness in this situation. She drinks occasionally but that's only really with me and we don't go out and do it, cause we can't.

"Want to get drunk here then?" Louis asked making Chelsea tense up. I don't think she's comfortable with people drinking after that whole Niall incident.

"Sounds good to me.." Zayn and Liam said looking around the room for more approval.

"I'm down!" Harry said. I kept looking at Chelsea who looked really uncomfortable.

"I don't want to drink." Chelsea said awkwardly. I could see Niall really wanted to, but he probably didn't want to leave her alone.

"Yeah me either. Chelsea, we could go out alone and then you guys could go out and drink!" I said relieving Chelsea.

"It wouldn't be a fun night without you two!" Louis said squeezing my side.

"Well we can have just as much fun sober!" I said making Chelsea smile and mouth 'thank you.' We just understand each other.

Ayeeee! So there's going to be a hurricane where I live so sorry if there's no update but I don't want to waste battery on a chapter, especially if we loose power! Love y'all!

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