Chapter Thirteen.

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Chelsea's POV

I woke up and everyone was in our bus except for Niall and Violet. I rolled out of bed and went into the kitchenette where Liam was. I waved and put my head down on the table and he sat next to me.

"How are you holding up, love?" He asked rubbing my back. Obviously they must have done their research because I love it when people rub my back.

"I woke up hoping it was all a nightmare.. But it's not. Why are you all here? And where's Violet?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Aw, babe... We all came to comfort you, but you were asleep when we came by. We also didn't want to be in the same bus as Niall because we were close to killing him in his sleep. Violet stayed on our bus for Niall." I kind of got pissed at Violet, but I don't want to hate Niall for his drunken mistakes. I'm sure that's what she was thinking too.

"I'm scared he's going to come over today, Li. I don't want to face him. He really hurt me." I said looking up at Liam as he took me in his arms.

"Shh.. It will all play out in the end. You're the best girl I've ever met, and he's stupid. He's probably beating himself up right now, babe. What if he does apologize though?" He asked looking into my eyes now.

"I think I love him, Liam. I want him to apologize so badly. I want to be in his arms right now. But if I accept his apology right away, he might just walk all over me the next time." I said putting my head back down on the table. This all is giving me a headache.

"Why don't you do this. Go get dressed and go over to Niall and say exactly how he made you feel. And from there you'll see what happens." He said getting up from his seat next to me. I nodded, getting up and grabbing one of Niall's sweatshirts, black leggings and gray knit Uggs. I brushed out my hair and did a messy French braid, wiped off my face and got changed into my clothes.

"Here goes nothing. Thank the boys for being here for me if they wake up before I go?" I asked Liam grabbing my phone. He nodded waving goodbye. I walked out of the bus and made my way over towards their bus. I'm kind of hoping Vi will leave us alone, because it will be really awkward if she stays. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to come answer. It was Violet.

"Hey Chels, I'm guessing you're here for Niall. I'll leave?" She said putting on her boots. I nodded and gave her a hug as she left the bus.

"Erm... Niall?" I called before going too far into the bus.

"In here." He called from the lounge. His voice sounded broken, groggy and worn out. I hope this doesn't affect his singing because we have a concert Ina few days. "Chelsea!" He said as I entered the lounge. I sat down at an opposite couch and gave a fake smile. He saw right through me, as does everyone. My fake smiles are terrible.

"Can we talk about what happened?" I asked as he nodded, ashamed. "Do you realize how much you hurt me, Niall? You told me you could do better, and you will, and broke up with me. I already feel so out of place with you guys. I know I'm not the skinniest girl, I'm not drop dead gorgeous, I'm just a typical girl. That made me feel like absolute rubbish. Being drunk isn't an excuse. You shouldn't have come over if you knew you were wasted. I don't want to hang out with you drunk. And frankly right now I don't even want to hang out with you sober. You scared me. I cried all night long to Louis. That shouldn't be. I should have been crying to you. But last night i didn't know who you were. You were Niall, my boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend. You were Niall, the drunken idiot. I don't want you to know that side of you. Because that side of you is a monster." I finished basically about to ball my eyes out. He was crying too. Great, it's just one big happy family.

"Chelsea, last night that wasn't me. You're right, that was a monster. Chelsea you are way too good for me. I feel not good enough for you. You're perfect, okay? Last night was the worst mistake I have ever made in my entire life. I didn't mean to hurt you, and I lost control of myself. I'm willing to stop drinking for you. Hell, I'll stop breathing for you if that's what you want. Chelsea, I'm in love with you. And seeing you like this is the worst I've ever seen anyone. Please Chelsea..." Both of us crying now. This is probably the most difficult situation I've ever been in.

"Niall.. I love you too. I'm still hurt though.." Those were the only words i could get out.

"Will you please forget last night? I would never break up with you.. I want you to be here next to me, in my arms." He said. I couldn't stand it, I wanted everything to be the same as before. I jumped over and cried in his chest as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head multiple times.

"Don't leave me again, Niall.." I cried, my voice muffled by his chest.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm so happy to have you back.." He whispered, as I looked up from his chest and kissed him, as he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip. I opened my mouth allowing him in as he took dominance over my mouth. I was too tired to fight back anyway. I pulled away and took his hand leading him towards his bed. He laid down as I cuddled up into his warm body, falling asleep.

"I love you so much Chelsea.." He kept whispering as I drifted into my sleep. I'm so happy to have my boyfriend back...

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