Chapter Eight.

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Violet's POV

"Eleanor broke up with me." Louis said, a tear falling from one of his eyes. I wanted to smile and cheer, but he was upset, and that would be the worst thing in the world to do.

"Oh, wow.. Did she say why?" Honestly, if I were ever dating Louis I would never let him go.

"I guess she saw the video you guys put up and thought that I was cheating on her with you or Chels cause you guys showed that I had a bed, and clearly I had slept in it recently.." He said wiping the tears off of his cheeks.

I frowned. "It's all my fault. Louis, I'll call her and explain everything-"

"No. Don't.. I tried explaining it all but she just didn't understand. Maybe it's for the better.. love lives where there's trust." He said sitting down, burying his head in his hands. If this was any other occasion, I would make a stupid remark about that quote that he just said, asking if Zayn told him that quote while they were on the roller coaster that is life, but again, that would be the worst thing possible.

"I'm so sorry Louis.." I said sitting down and rubbing circles on his back. He picked his head up and wrapped one of his arms around me and brought me closer to him.

"You're a really good friend Violet." He said into my hair. That word killed me. Friend. That's the thing, I don't want to be friends.. I want to be way more than that.

"You're a good friend too Louis." I mumbled holding back the tears in my eyes.

"I guess I should get back to my bus.." He said getting up. I frowned, I wanted him to stay here, his arms around me.

"I mean, you could sleep here tonight if you want." I said hesitantly.

"I just need some alone time for now. I think Niall's coming over with Chels, I'll text you or something later, Vi." He said exiting the bus. He shut the door and a tear escaped my eyes.

"Bye Lou." I said before I was full on crying. I decided to just go to bed since Niall and Chelsea will probably be all over each other and I don't want to see that. I went to the bunk area and crawled in. It wasn't until I woke up that I realized I was in Louis'.

Louis' POV

I walked out of her tour bus and started crying again. I didn't cry because of Eleanor. I cried because I missed my chance to tell Violet how I really felt about her. I just can't seem to be happy without her. I don't know why I left her bus, why I said I needed alone time because the second I left I just regretted it. I walked into my bus and went sat in our 'game area.' Harry and Zayn were there playing XBox, but the second I walked in they stopped the game.

"Are you alright, Boo Bear?" Harry asked as I sat down. The fact that he said Boo Bear made the whole sentence sound like a joke. 

"Eleanor broke up with me. I went and told Violet, and I was going to tell her I liked her but instead I just told her she was a good friend. I missed my oppertunity.." I cried like a little girl. I think I get a 'get out of jail free' card for this one.

"You didn't miss your oppertunity. If you did tell her tonight, she would have thought of herself as rebound. Unless she likes you." Zayn said shoving a sandwich in his mouth.

"Niall told me she likes me.." I mumbled, wiping the tears off of my cheeks.

"Then what are you doing here?" Harry asked. Good question, Haz.

"Go back there and tell her how you feel." Zayn said pointing to the door. I nodded and got up and walked out of the bus and back into hers.

"Violet?" I called, I couldn't see her.. I walked into the bunk area and saw her sleeping, in my bunk. She looked so peaceful, I couldn't wake her up. I decided to crawl in next to her and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

"Lou.." Violet whispered. I fluttered my eyes open. I'm guessing it was morning, since Niall and Chelsea were singing loudly about making their breakfast. The lyrics went 'now goes the milk in the cereal. i love food. i can't wait to eat this. i'm so hungry.' Basically, it could be the next hit on our album. I looked next to me and smiled at Violet. "Why are you here?" She asked chuckling a bit. Now I remember what happened.. where I was..

"Why are you in my bunk?" I asked her smirking.

"Touche." She said chuckling and pushing me out of the bunk as she crawled out. I know, we're really nice to each other.

"Ah, there are the lovebirds!" Chelsea said as we entered the kitchenette area. I looked at Violet who was blushing.

"So, what happened last night?" Niall asked winking. Jesus Christ, what do these people think we do?

"Sleep." I said groggily. I'm not a morning person. Unless I'm talking to Violet.

"Mhmm.. That's what they all say!" Chelsea said as Violet rolled her eyes.

"So, Lou why did you come back?" Violet asked me and I motioned for her to follow me into the lounge. She went along with it leaving a very suspicious Niall and Chelsea, but they can deal.

"I came last night to tell you something, but when I got here, you were asleep in my bed. So I decided just to join you.." I said embarrassed. It's not very easy telling someone why you slept in the same small bed as them.

"What did you need to tell me?"

I looked at her. Her eyes were glowing, staring right into mine. Her hair was falling in her face a bit, but it was cute. Her eye make-up was slightly smudged underneath her eye and her lips were plump and pink. I looked at her and realized how badly I just wanted to call her mine. I leaned in and she followed, our lips crashing. After a moment I pulled away. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."

Hi guys! So, this chapter was different. It's hard writing a POV on one of the boy's because at least when we make up characters we can like control who they are, their personalities, etc. But with the boys, I don't know what actually would be going on in Louis' mind so I just do my best at guessing. I mean, it's a fan FICTION anyway. You know what, guys? You never comment or vote. So if you're reading this and you don't vote for a reason, comment why. Because we have to be doing something wrong.. Anyway, read Just Plain Lucky. I wrote that one on my own, the rest Gabby and I co-wrote. Alright, follow me on Twitter, I follow back. @coolstorymolly

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