Chapter Fifteen.

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Hurricane Sandy's creating a mess upon my innocence. And my backyard.

Chelsea's POV

"I'm going to be so bored today." I whined to Niall. He was going out with Louis and Violet to get my birthday present because it was coming up in a few days. Zayn and Harry already got me something I guess and so they're staying back, but I'm pretty sure they're going to hang out with Ed Sheeran today since he's in the states. I was going to be all alone and Paul won't even be here for me to joke around with! This day officially sucks.

"Babe, I'm sorry! I would invite you to come along but I don't want you to see what we get you." He said feeling guilty which only made me feel worse.

"I know, don't feel bad. I guess I should just hang out here.. Maybe clean." I said looking around at the mess this bus is. I probably won't clean it.

"Do you want anything while we're out?" He asked kissing the top of my head. What a cutie!

"Nope!" I said popping my 'p' as Harry walked into the bus.

"Hey Chelsea, want to go do something today?" Harry asked as I nodded desperately. God I'm so dependent on other people.

"We're gonna go hang out with Ed, I know you're a huge fan, want to come?" He asked as I contained myself from fangirling. Well, maybe not.

"OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!" I screamed scaring both Niall and Harry. "Let me get changed, oh my god, I'm so excited!" I jumped up and grabbed a black skirt that flowed out a bit with a cream sweater and brushed out my hair, creating blonde waves. I put on a bit of makeup and nude flats.

"You ready?" Harry asked as i nodded my head excitedly.

"Bye babe!" I said waving to Niall who came up and gave me a hug and short kiss.

"I love you, babe." He whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine.

"I love you too!" I cheered, skipping away with Harry. I was so excited, it's ridiculous.

"Hi Chels!" Zayn said as I got into the backseat of Paul's car. For some reason, Paul let Harry drive it which is an awful decision since Harry can't really drive all that well. "You seem very giddy today!" Zayn said chuckling.

"She loves Ed!" Harry said dragging out the word love.

"He is very lovable!" Zayn said chuckling again. I was nervously laughing the whole car ride to a random studio.

"Oh my god, why am I so nervous? My hands are so sweaty, oh my god.." I said walking up to the room Ed Sheeran was in. He's my number one icon, idol, and role model.

We walked into a room and he was sitting on a couch, playing his guitar and singing a variation of different lyrics. HE'S SO PERFECT! But not better than Niall..

"Ron Weasley!" Harry shouted as He entered the room.

"Harry Potter!" Ed shouted going in for a hug with Harry. Oh how I wish that was me... "Zayn! My man!" He said also hugging Zayn. "Is this the famous Chelsea Brand I've heard all about? I'm a big fan of your music!" He said making me want to die. Alright, Chels. Use your words.

"Hi! Thank you so much, you're my musical role model!" I said as Harry and Zayn gave me dirty looks. They can calm down now.

"How's Niall treating you?" He asked pulling me in for a hug. Ed Sheeran is a very touchy person, my friends.

"Great, he's the best boyfriend ever.." I said.

"Well you guys came right in time. I pulled up this song that I wrote when i was 17, but I'm at a lost for lyrics. I need help. It's about a girls insecurities and how it's what makes me love her. I was thinking it'd be a good song for you lads to sing in your Take Me Home album!" Ed said as the boys nodded excitedly.

"Play a bit!" Zayn said smiling.

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, but if I do it's you they all add up to. I'm in love with you and all these little things." He sang as I sat in awe. "That's the chorus, but the verses I wrote are shit." He said laughing a bit.

"I guess it should be something romantic to start the song. Like, your lips fit perfectly with mine." Zayn added in, but I kind of made a weird face. "Do you have something better Chelsea?"

"Not lips, maybe.. Hands?" I questioned as Ed nodded excitedly. We went on like this for a few hours until we finished the song. We named it Little Things. It was a really good song, and we used a lot of my insecurities. Like how I hate my weight, the sound of my voice when recorded, etc.

"Well it was nice meeting you, Chelsea! You're a musical genius!" Ed said as my cheeks turned pink. "Should we have a picture taken of us before we all part?" He asked as we nodded. We had some random worker take a picture and it came out very well. Ed put it up on twitter with a very cheeky caption:

@EdSheeran: @Chelsea_Brand @Harry_Styles @ZaynMalik had a fun day with you. Nice meeting Chelsea, such an inspiration to me. @NiallOfficial is lucky! twit.pic/064hd8

"See ya, Edward!" Harry called out leaving the room first, Zayn waving and doing the same.

"Hey, if you and your friend ever want to collaborate, here's my number." Ed said writing his number on a piece of paper and handing it to me. Is this real life?

"Definitely! I'll see you soon, Ed!" I said giving a brief hug and leaving the room catching up with Harry and Zayn.

"That was weird." Zayn said, Harry nodding in agreement.

"What was weird?" I asked, bluntly. Really though, what was weird in any of that?

"Ed seemed like he was totally hitting on you, but then he kept talking about Niall. Who knows.. I'm sure I'll hear about it later." Harry said hopping into the car.

"Ed Sheeran does not like me. You both are just mad." I said rolling my eyes.

"Lets just keep that little detail to ourselves, just in case he does. We wouldn't want to get the little leprechaun upset." Zayn said laughing a bit as Harry drove away.

"Hey! You're back!" The boys and Violet shouted as we walked into the boy's bus.

"Yeah, we made a new song with Ed! But we'll go over that at rehearsal or something." Harry said walking into the lounge, Zayn and I following him.

"How was your day?" I asked Niall sitting next to him.

"Great, we all got you such good presents!" He said making me smile.

"I can't wait!" I said smiling wildly. I couldn't help it, my life was just getting better and better.

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