Chapter 31

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Chapter 31
Dec 25

Once Ayo parked his car outside Seyi's family's house, I felt anxious and Ayo placed his hands over mine, visibly seeing my tension "It's going to be okay. They like you"

"It's partly that. Yesterday, you told me that you loved me"

His eyebrows tightened and his warm brown eyes held its usual concern "I did?"

I nod,  then he shrugs "Well I do love you. I didn't know when I said it. I was already tense about the carol that it spilled out accidentally. I'm sorry if it made you uncomfortable but I do love you"

I smile at him. God knows I loved him too. I felt it in my heart, so why couldn't I say it back? I couldn't tell "I'm not upset. I just wanted to be sure that I heard it right"

"Does it seem too much for you? First, the moving thing, then my parents dinner and now, the i love you thing."

I admitted "It is. I never expected to experience everything so quickly. It's a bit overwhelming, but I can handle it. I really can"

His sigh of relief made me laugh softly "Let's get inside. This whole talk is keeping me on the edge already"

I nod "I agree. Come on"


Dinner with the Coker-Olayemi family had ended, but Judge Coker's interrogation on my personal life had only begun.

"Are you from a rich family or from humble beginnings?"

Ayo didn't seem to appreciate his question "Why would you even ask that?"

"Incase she's a broke swindler like your ex fiance"

Both Ayo and I's eyes widen with similar bewildered looks on our faces. Ayo was the one to speak "How..... How do you know that?"

His father scoffed "Do you take me for a fool? You two were almost going to get married. You set up everything. It was going to be perfect. Then all of a sudden, you inform me of your "amicable break up" with her. It seemed so suspicious, so ofcourse I investigated on the matter. I'm disappointed you didn't have the guts to tell me"

"So you could have another reason to be disappointed in my life decisions? No,  thank you. I don't need you to remind me that I didn't try enough for you. I don't regret my past, despite the mistakes and all. I learnt from it. I just didn't want to hear you gloat about it"

Alex stands up and clears his throat "I think this is my cue for Rose and I to leave"
The couple left, clutching eachother tightly, without giving their goodbyes. The whole situation must have been uncomfortable for them. Everyone else didn't seem surprised by their abrupt leaving. I guess it wasn't the first time happening.

Ayo's mother sighed "I think it's time to change the subject. We brought Abigail here to get to know her better, not to see us argue. It's not a good impression on either of us"

Seyi nods "Yes. Mommy's right. No more arguing, please"

Ayo's father gave a grunt as his response and that seemed to make the people in the house calmer.

Fola Olayemi, Seyi's husband, inquired "So how's the article on this town so far? When are you supposed to leave?"

His choice of question was something I was comfortable with answering "It's been great. I'm supposed to leave on the 29th. The day after the last event ends"

For some unknown reason I couldn't decipher, my reply seemed to make Ayo stiffen. I could feel his every movement since he was sitting so close to me, so I peered at him and caught his wary expression.

Ayo's father's look hardened "So it would be a long distance relationship between the both of you?"

"It can't be called a long distance relationship if we are all within Lagos. Yes, Ilupeju is a bit far from Ikoyi but it can't stop our relationship from blossoming"

"Ayokunle doesn't think so. From the way, he's stiffening by your side"

Ayo cast his father a wary look "Can you not do this now?"

His father only shrugged "I assumed you two had already talked about it, but it seems like you're on different paths"

I frowned slightly. I didn't know he was still bothered by it. He never complained or said anything about it "We are on the same path, sir"

"If you say so. Tell me about your family"

That was the uncomfortable part for me. I could tell that his father knew I didn't like it but he kept his ground about his choice of words "My parents are divorced. I was raised by my dad. I have one sister. She's married with a child. I have a loving step mother. That's pretty much all about my family"

Seyi chirped "Her sister is Sarayah"

Ayo's mom shrills with excitement "Oh my God. Sarayah Duke-Anthony?"

Seyi grins "The one and only"

Ayo's father gives a perplexed look "who's Sarayah?"

"That supermodel that's always all over the magazines. The one I love talking about. The model that's married to Nosa Anthony"

The Nosa Anthony part, seemed to excite Ayo's father "Nosa Anthony is your brother in law? You should have started with that. Anthony is one of my favourite players. The scandal he's in doesn't even change my views about him. If he needs a lawyer,  My eldest son would gladly love to give his services. He's a huge fan of his and a great lawyer"

I smile softly. For once, having a celebrity in my family, was working in my favor "I could introduce him to you, if you'd like that, sir"

His father smiled for a split second, then cleared his throat "Abigail, I'm not trying to jeopardize your relationship. I just don't want Ayo to make a mistake like last time"

Ayo gritted his teeth "Abigail's not a mistake"

His father nods, letting his stern gaze wash away "I can see that now. I really can"

Everyone looked at ease at his response. Fola eventually said "I guess this Christmas dinner didn't get ruined at the end of the day. That's a relief" No one replied, but deep down I agreed with him. It really was a relief.

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