Chapter 30

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Chapter 30
Dec 25

I couldnt help the wide grin on my face. It was Christmas already and for once in a long time, I had a Christmas worth celebrating. I had my mom back, a boyfriend that I loved having around and I was on good terms with Sarayah. I doubted I would have had it all at once, if I wasn't in Christmas Town.

The town kicked off its Christmas celebration in the morning by inspecting all the houses for the most decorated home. It was the award mom really wanted to win and she anticipated the results that would be announced after the Christmas Carol.

I spent my afternoon, going on a Christmas shopping so I could buy gifts for my loved ones. Sarayah had decided to come along with me and it was fun to have my older sister around.

Evening rolled in swiftly, and it was time for the Christmas carol. As usual, the town hall was packed and I was lucky to get a good spot to sit. Before the carol started, I was able to spot Ayo. He was so busy that he probably didn't have my time. Doing this work, seemed stressful. I wonder how he coped.

Whilst I was setting up my camera stand, A voice startled me "Hey baby"

I turned around and smile when I see him "It's good to see you" and send a soft kiss on his lips.

Ayo smiles back. Those dimples showed again, making my heart melt "I should go now. The Carol's about to start. I just wanted to see you before it starts"

"Well thank God you did come. I was already getting crazy ideas in my head"

His eyes crinkled "I'm just a bit tense. My parents are here too. Watching. I'm a grown ass man but why do I bother to seek their approval in everything I do?"

"It's because you're human and you love them. We always seek approval from people without even realizing it. Just kick ass. I know your show will be great"

He chuckles "God, I love you. You really are the best"

My eyes widened and I freeze. He just said that he loved me. ME. I didn't even think he realized that he said it. I quickly said "Ehm, you should get going. No need to keep anyone waiting"

Nodding at me, he pecks my forehead and takes his leave. I groan instantly, trying hard not to yell. Ayo just said that he loved me. This was driving me crazy. Did he not know that he said it? Should I have said it back? Were my feelings for him love?  Aargh, I hated worrying myself about this. We were supposed to take things slow. But now, everything is happening so quickly, like a whirlwind romance and it scared me. Nothing good happens in a rush. I've seen first hand how it crumbles.

Distracting myself as hard as I could from my train of thoughts, I let myself enjoy the Christmas carol as much as I could. To be honest, the whole carol was impressive. The songs they chose, the little choreography they display and musical instruments the kids play, really merges well in all the scenarios.

It all ended in almost three hours and it sent everyone clapping with delight. It was by far, one of my favourite events. Not because my boyfriend was in charge of it, but because I really enjoyed watching children and adults likewise, sing and dance too. Ayo really outdid himself.

I went to look for Ayo and found him already surrounded by his loved ones. Rose and Seyi were already giving him bear hugs. Alex patted him congratulatory style. I just stood there, watching the sight. The second his eyes found mine, he gently pulled away from them and dragged me into his arms. His scent of pine and cidar put me at ease for a little. It ached my heart that he was my Achilles heel. Everything he did made my body weaken. It drove me crazy especially since he told me he loved him. My head had been lingering on the thought and it frightened me.

Rose joked "awwwnn, the lovebirds are reunited"

He chuckles. I feel his warm breath on my neck. Then he pulls away "Mind your business, Rose"

Seyi then says to Alex and Rose "Im inviting you two for my Christmas dinner. I'll be thrilled to have you around"

Alex nods "We'd love to come"

Seyi smiles broadly at me "I'm so happy my parents invited you. That's a huge leap. It takes my dad time to warm up to ANY of Ayo's exes,  but he seems to like you"

"He does? I didn't get the impression that he did"

Ayo pointed out "Trust me, the version of my dad that you saw, was his nice side"

My nose crinkles "That's his nice side?? What's his mean side?"

Ayo shakes his head "You really don't wanna know. I assure you"

I slowly nod at him,  then Alex says "Where are your parents? Shouldn't they be here congratulating you, like we are"

Ayo shrugged "They got caught up with some old friends they didn't expect to see so they are chatting as long as they could with them. I don't mind. For them to come is a huge deal. Dad never accepted my music career choice. This is a step to me"

I rub his shoulders affectionately, and he smiles at me "You did amazingly well, pretty boy"

He interlaces my hand with his "Thank you"

Seyi said "I've got to go set up for dinner tonight. You already have my address, Abigail right?"

Ayo answers tor me "I'm picking her up"

Seyi rubbed her hands together. A habit of hers I had noticed "Great. I'll see all of you then" and took her leave immediately.

I said "I have to go meet my family. They're already waiting for me. We all came together and I'd hate to keep them waiting"

I said my goodbyes and found my family already waiting for me unsurprisingly. "Sorry I kept you all waiting"

Nosa grinned "Are you kidding me?  This show is your boyfriend's masterpiece, ofcourse you'd be around him to celebrate his success"

I grin back at him "I'm still getting used to having a boyfriend and all"

Sarayah quipped "don't forget the hot part"

Mom and I simultaneously roll our eyes at her which makes Sarayah laugh as Nosa drove us back home that evening


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