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I am happy to celebrate this special milestone for me. 500 followers, 1000+ comments and over seven thousand reads. That's huge for me, considering how much I struggled with having less than a hundred reads for a couple of weeks, when I first began this book.

So now I'm working on another project. Two to be precise. "The Radiants Series" and "Pulling your heartstrings".
The Radiants is typically a Sci-Fi dystopian novel while "Pulling your heartstrings" is a light hearted rom-com (romance or chicklit). It's going to be tasking doing both books at once but I just love sharing my books to the world, no matter what.

So I'm going to publish two chapters from each book to celebrate the season of love (Happy Valentines day, my lovelies) and we'll see how it goes. I'd really love to get as much support as I can, from my readers and I'd hope you'll check out by works.


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