Chapter 36

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Chapter 36
Dec 28th

It was the last event of Christmas town's festivities and had ended with a church service at St John's Cathedral. I had spotted Ayo from away, and he wisely chose to stay away. He did give me longing glances that made my heart jolt. I found it hard to tear away from his steely chocolate coloured eyes, but I eventually found the strength to do so.

After taking pictures, I felt someone tap my shoulder and found myself turning around, with Alex and Rose in front of me.

I shifted my gaze away from them and managed to speak, despite my obvious discomfort. "Hi"

After replying my greetings, Rose spoke up first "Are you and Ayo now over?"

I was never a fan of confrontations. Showing vividly well in my inability to make up with my mother. Thank God, it's all in the past. "On a break. I just need to put my shit together"

Alex sighed "He never meant to hurt you. You know that"

I admitted "I know, but it doesn't change the fact that he did"

Alex nodded "I see. To be honest, we never knew that he kept the truth from you"

Rose added "I wanted to kill him for messing things up with you, when I found out"

I cracked up a small smile "Honestly, I'm really going to miss you guys"

"You're leaving soon?"

"Tomorrow morning"

"Wow. Ayo really fucked this up big time"

I shrugged, despite the twinge in my heart "I think it's for the best. It's okay. We'll keep it touch. I have your numbers"

Alex joked "Thank God for the existence of a cellphone. If not, we'd be writing letters to each other. Can you imagine that?"

"I think letters are sweet though"

"I agree. Can I give you a hug at least?" I didn't get the chance to reply as Rose wrapped her arms around me. I relaxed in her embrace, fighting the urge not to cry.


"Do you think I'm overreacting with this Ayo issue?" I hated that I was upset over something that seemed so small, but I couldn't bring myself to not being angry. I hated it. While mom and Sarayah had gone to the spa, I was left with Nosa and Colin, but somehow I found myself getting into a heart-to-heart conversation with my only brother-in-law.

"I think you're entitled to being angry, even when you're disappointed. You are disappointed in him, right?"

I gave Nosa the honest truth "Very. I expected him to trust me, at least. He knows I have trust issues. He knows how hard it was for me to open up my heart again. Instead, he just hid the truth"

"Have you thought of why he did it?"

"Ofcourse I have. I knew why. He has trust issues too. I let go of mine, why couldn't he too? He made it clear that he didn't trust me. What the hell am I doing with a guy that doesn't trust me?"

"so what now?"

"I need time to get myself together. I need time to get my emotions in check and get past this"

Nosa looked like he didn't believe it "Time? You're leaving tomorrow"

I pursed my lips "I know"

Nosa cast me a wary look, but said nothing.

I needed to change the subject "What about you? How are things with your club?"

His face hardened "I made up my mind to sue the manager. I've already gotten a lawyer. I'm just hoping it doesn't backfire on me, but I can't just sit back and do nothing."

"Thats definitely true. Don't worry, this family is backing you up no matter what"

His lips curled up slightly, looking clearly amused by my statement "How come we never do this? Talk. We are kind of similar in personality"

I cocked my head to the side "I don't know. Maybe it's because Sarah's always around and neither one of us have gotten around to having an actual long conversation"

"True. Before now, I only knew you as Sarayah's quiet little sister"

"And I knew you just as Sarah's husband. Former playboy and international footballer"

He chuckled softly "I always hated that nickname. Playboy. Always hated how the media tried to portray me as that"

"Was it far from the truth?"

"Mostly misunderstandings. It's not my fault that I have a handful of close celebrity female friends"

"I do remember reading alot of your fair share of scandals on the tabloids"

"Mostly rumors. The media prefers dishing out gossips that only favor them"

I joked "I'm part of the media too you know. I'm a journalist too"

"Really? I had no idea" I rolled my eyes in amusement, at his attempt at sarcasm "I'm a man who's nice to people. Almost to a fault. I like to help. After I met Sarayah, I didn't feel the need to help anyone but myself anymore. I learnt a lesson from finding Sarayah. A good one. With or without Ayo in your life, always put yourself first. If people say you're petty for getting angry for him lying to you. Don't listen to any insults. You know your reasons. Whenever you think you're ready to look past it, you know where he lives. If not, you just have to move on."

"You're really good at this. Giving advice"

He shrugged "I've had my fair share of advice giving. It's not my first rodeo"

"Apparently. It was really good having this talk with you. You're smarter than you give credit for"

Nosa snorted and laughed "What? What would give you the idea that I wasn't"

"From how you behave around Sarah. You let her have her way. She's not going to break, you know that. She's at the best place in her life right now. She told me so"

"I've seen her at darker times. It's not a pretty sight. I just don't want her not to feel like she can't lean or depend on me. She's all I have. Sometimes I fear that I may lose her. She's a star and my career isn't helping matters"

"Do you know the funniest part? She feels like she doesn't deserve someone like you. Despite her diva bravado, she's still scared of not being enough. Her past scares her, just like it scares you too. You two are probably one of the most stable couples I know. You two balance each other out, just as much as my dad and Onyeka or my bestfriend Mipo and her fiance. Sarah does depend on you. Emotionally. You just have to see that too"

"I guess you're right. Truth be told, you give good advices too."

"I just wish I knew how to apply them in my chaotic life too"

Nosa sent me a sympathetic look "You'll figure it out. Give it time"
Except time was one of the few things I didn't have anymore.


This is probably the only time I've given  Abbie and Nosa a chance to talk to each other and I love it.

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