Chapter 33

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Chapter 33
Dec 26th

The boxing day event in Christmas town was a special event where gifts were exchanged at the town hall. The people you are paired with, were chosen at random. Naturally, you end up giving a gift to one person, but you receive from another person. I ended up giving a gift to Seyi,  but a random older man was the one to give me a gift. I got a wooly red and blue checkered sweater. Yikes.

I looked around, trying to spot Ayo but I couldn't even find his handsome face. I instantly missed having him next to me. I sent him a text message and waited patiently for his reply.

Sarayah's shoes clicked closer to me and I turned my head around when she called out my name and hastily stood next to me "I got a pair of shoes. They're totally last season but I'll take it. It's cute"

"I got a sweater"

Sarayah's eyebrow shot up and a slow grin spread across her face "What?  Sorry, honey"

."Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine with it"  The sweater was pretty ugly and plain, but I gratefully took it. I had no choice. Despite its unappealing look, I could still picture myself curling up in it in bed.

"I'm only creeped out that the person knew my exact shoe size. Does it count as stalking?"

"Your info is all over the internet. Getting your shoe size is pretty easy. So, no"

Sarayah casted me a doubtful look "I just hope so. I've gotta go give my gift to that Kelly chic. See you later" then she darted off.

I looked around for Seyi to give her the gift I had gotten for her. She instantly spotted me and let out a loud shrill.

I walked over to her and gave her a side hug "Happy boxing day"

"You too, honey. What's in it?"

"I don't think I'm supposed to tell you. It ruins the surprise"

"not for me. You can tell me"

I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to seem uptight to Seyi, so I gave in "A  hermes bag"

Seyi gave another shrill. It was impossible not to smile at her excitement "You are the best. You always know what I need. Are you psychic or something. Seriously, it must have cost alot"

"I didn't mind. It was worth the smile on your face"

Seyi made an "awwwwwnnn" sound and added "Thanks, honey"

I glanced back at my phone, then back at her "Yeah. Yeah"

"You seem distracted."

"Just expecting a text from Ayo and he isn't around now. I got him a present and wanted to give it to him. He hasn't replied back"

"Oh... He's taking my —"

My phone buzzed. It was a text from Ayo. I read it aloud:

. Taking my parents to the airport. So sorry for going MIA. Will get back to you when I'm back in Christmas town

I frowned slightly at his message. Something  felt off. I couldn't tell what. "He's taking your parents to the airport? I had no idea they were leaving today"

"That was what I was just going to tell you. Dad and Ayo had their usual argument after you left. Dad's heart is in the right place, he's just so controlling though. He tried to convince Ayo to sell Goldyn Land kiddies school and stop being a music teacher. He told Ayo to instead use the money to go into real estate. That was too much, even for dad. Ayo's a grown man and should make his own decisions, without dad's shado casting under him"

Blinking at her, I wasn't sure what I was hearing "What do you mean by sell?  You make it sound like he owned the school he worked in"

Seyi wore a confused look, similar to mine "it's common knowledge that Ayo owned the school. That's why he's able to host a Christmas carol in the school in the first place. He just works there because he doesn't want to feel idle. Did you not know this?"

My lips parted slightly. How did I not know this? Why would he keep that from me?  "I had no idea. How did he get money to build such a big school? Did he earn that much in his past jobs? "

"Does Ayo even tell you anything?" Apparently not. When she saw the dejected look on my face. She gave a frustrated sigh "I hate to be at the centre of this one. I don't want to spill the beans. Unless he tells you himself"

My face must have hardened instantly, because she wore a brief startled look and chose to confess "My rich grandfather died roughly a year ago. He left alot of wealth for his children and grandchildren. Hence, why I was able to afford an art studio, without depending on my husband or working. Ayo saved a good portion of the money and moved to Christmas town after his awful breakup. He bought an already failing school from the previous owner and refurbished the whole place. Now, everyone wants to move to the school because of how beautiful Ayo made it in six months. He kept the name of the school how it was and worked as a music teacher. Dad didn't like it and wanted him to venture in a more stable business. Ayo didn't like being told what to do, especially on his career choice and dad left in anger. That's the gist of it. Please, don't be mad at him"

How could I not be? He lied to me and betrayed my trust. Just because he was rich? What did he take me for?  How could he leave out a huge portion of himself? Could I ever trust him again? I didn't reply Seyi and tried to play it cool. He owed me a big explanation and I wouldn't let it slide. I deserved the truth.

Things aren't as perfect as Abbie thought they were.
Quick question to everyone out there.
What would you do in Abbie's situation?
How would you react if your significant other left out an important part of themselves. Would you take it well or continually mistrust them?
I'd love to know your thoughts on that.

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