Chapter 11

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Chpter 11
Dec 9

Mipo chuckled "why are you upset about it all if you claim not to want a romantic relationship with him?"

Folding my hands, I reply "I'm not upset. That would be childish. It just wasn't what I expected"

"I like this guy already. Leaving the powerful Abigail Duke dumbfounded. That's a nice change for once"

"I'm surprised you even like this guy. You haven't seen him yet"

Mipo shrugged nonchalantly "I have a good feeling about him. That's all"

"I don't believe you. I know you. You don't want me to be lonely so you are willing to pair me up with anyone"

Mipo had a wounded look on her face "That's not true. I just have a hunch about him"

"Well keep your hunches to yourself because I just got friend zoned"

"By an action you caused"

"Hey, don't blame the victim"

Mipo threw her head back laughing and I saw Mayowa's silhouette approaching closer.

Mayowa wrapped his arms round his laughing fiancee and offered me a smile.

Mipo stopped laughing instantly and gasped "I didn't even hear when you came in"

Mayowa kissed her forehead "well it was supposed to be a surprise"

Mipo nestled closely in his arms "well I AM surprised now"

I cleared my throat loudly as a reminder that I was still here, watching them "take your lovey dovey antics somewhere else but not in front of my laptop"

They both chuckled softly and Mayowa was the first to speak "You seem to be enjoying this trip"

"it has its perks"

Mipo chipped in "Liar. She wants to leave that house quickly so she doesn't talk to her family. When last have you really spoken to your mom?"

"not since the confrontation at the store. We've not really had a decent conversation since then"

Mayowa admitted "I would have left if I were there"

Mipo glared at him "You're not helping"

I chuckled at their playful banter "I'm only staying because of my aunt. I don't want to disappoint her"

"When last have you spoken to your sweet little aunt Carole?"

I pursed my lips, not wanting to say it "You're a bully, Mipo"

Mipo threw her head back and laughed "This feels good"

I watched Mayowa stand up, shaking his head in amusement "I'm going to leave you two to enjoy your conversation while I go get a bath. See you later, Abigail"

I waved back at him, saying my gooodbye till I could no longer see him on the laptop screen. I turned my gaze back to Mipo "So any news about the wedding?"

Her smile was contagious "We picked a venue in Lekki"

I squealed "I can't wait to get back so we can pick out wedding dresses"

"Yes o. It's you I'm just waiting for"

I had to ask "How's work? You haven't really spoken about it lately"

Mipo had a crestfallen look "I need to get a new job. I want to make enough money to support Mayowa and I when we get married"

"Getting a good job in Nigeria, especially in this economy can be hard. But I have faith in you, anyway"

Mipo beamed "Thank you. It means alot to me that you said that"

"It would make the moment so much better if I could hug you right now"

Mipo nodded back "I agree about that too". Then she added "Come home soon so we can plan my wedding and also because I miss my best friend"

"don't worry. This trip would soon be over so I can get the hell out of here"


Dec 10
I had dressed myself in my traditional Efik attire and looked at myself in the mirror. It was time for traditional night and I needed to look my best for the events. I had gone through many lengths to get this attire and was pleased how good it looked on me.

Sarayah had worn an edo traditional attire, alongside her husband and son. I wasn't surprised to see her wear her Edo outfit since Nosa was from that tribe. It felt good to see Nosa leave his shell and finally experience the beauty of all these events. Mom, on the other hand, stuck to her Urhobo roots and wore her lovely Urhobo traditional wear.

The town hall was once again decorated more differently from the other nights as Nigerian flags were placed all around on each corner of the hall. Everyone was adorned in different beautiful traditional wears and it made me appreciate the diversity of cultures Nigeria had to offer.

Unlike other nights, this event didn't really have a particular plan as people just mingled and took pictures with eachother. Music played in the background as some people swayed to the music and danced for hours.

Nosa and Sarayah danced comfortably in eachother's arms while Mom held onto Colin, watching everything from afar. After taking enough pictures, I sat comfortably, watching people interact with eachother and wishing I knew more people around here. Heck,  the young people I knew from a decade ago, had all moved away and we never kept in touch. I did feel lonely right now.

I gave a sigh of relief when I spotted Ayo coming towards my direction. For once, I didn't regret his offer of being a friend because I needed one right now. From afar, I saw Seyi waving at me and I gladly waved back.

I felt Ayo's weight give in to the ersatz wooden seat as he quipped "Nice outfit"

I smiled softly, accepting his compliment "you too" He had wore a navy blue agbada just like the rest of his in-laws; the Olayemi family and he looked quite eye-catching in it.

He nodded then said "Do you wanna get out of here for a while?"

My eyes glistened with gratitude as I followed him out of the hall

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