Jasmine's special note

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It's been a long journey writing this book. I've been afraid that I'd never have the chance to finish it and I'm so thrilled I was able to do so.

    I'm so grateful to my loving fans from all over the world. Thank you for standing by my book through every chapter. I can't list all their names, but the support has been overwhelming and sincerely heartwarming.

       I also want to talk about something that had been bothering me and needed to get off my chest. I've been concerned about how people have been reacting to Abbie's reason for breaking up with Ayo and I needed to clear the air. Some felt like his "lie" wasn't enough to leave him so easily and I'd like to clarify my reasons for doing that.

I had always written Abbie as a complex character. She's just as flawed as everyone else in real life and she had always struggled with intense trust issues. It was something I had highlighted constantly and made known  throughout the book. Not having her mother and sister in her life; and her numerous past failed relationships had made it hard for her to trust people. Her short experience in Christmas Town brought out her vulnerability again and found her herself opening up to Ayo, only to find out that he had hidden an important portion of himself from her.
The issue wasn't him lying, the issue was if she could ever let herself trust him again. TRUST has always been the basis for these two characters, Ayo and Abbie.

     Ayo, on the other hand, couldn't trust himself to give up the truth because of his past experience and Likewise, Abbie couldn't trust herself to accept his lie. Neither one of them could help who they had become, but they were willing to work on it at the end. Abbie wanted to give herself time to learn to trust again, by giving herself space for self-growth and that alone was an important step she believed would help her learn to trust again. It might be easier for alot more people but this was a challenge Abbie wanted to explore. TRUST.

   Their reason for distrustfulness isn't their fault. Their past experiences instigated their fears. The problem wasn't who they were. The problem had always been "trust" and I wanted to explore how difficult it is to trust someone, when you have become distrustful. I wanted to make it known that trusting again wasn't always easy for everyone.  To some, it could be an herculean task and to some others, it might actually be alot more easier than they imagined. It takes a process to learn from of and it was important that they both acknowledged it and worked on it.

All in all, I appreciate every single reader out there taking their beloved time and reading my book, despite its flaws and numerous mistakes. Thank you. I hope you read more of my works as you hopefully enjoy the array of books I have to offer.

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