Chapter 7

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Katie's POV
I unbuckled myself as we arrived at the mall. "You sure you don't want me to go with you?" Ramin asked. "Yes. I'm sure." I told him and gave a short kiss on his lips. Then I got out with my bag. "I hope Vanessa comes. I'm pretty sure she is 100% pissed at me. Ah! Who am I kidding? She'll probably not come." I thought nervously. I told her to meet me at Starbucks. I walked in and ordered my usual drink, Chocolate Frappuccino. I waited for a few minutes until a dark blonde waitress came with my drink and put it on the table I was sitting at. "Oh my! Aren't you-" I cut the waitress off. "Yeah it's me, Katie." I told and her smile grew wider. "You are my daughter's idol. She wants to be like you when she grows up. She even started singing." She explained. My smile grew wider too. "Well, is there anything that I could do for her?" I asked. "She wants your autograph and a picture with you and me." The waitress requested. "Granted." I replied. Then I got a pen and a small piece of paper out of my bag. I made my signature and wrote a note.

"Never give up on your dreams ;)"
-Katie Romero

I gave the note to the waitress and she pulled out her camera. She took the picture of both of us. "Thank you so much." She thanked. "You're welcome. What's your name?" I asked. "Lilly and my daughter's name is Mackenzie." She replied and walked away. It made me happy seeing the fans. The cool, held-back ones and not the ones that give you hate. Then Vanessa walked in. My heartbeat was faster as she walked towards me. "H-hi Vanessa." I mumbled. "Hi." She said. Well, more like snarled. Then she ordered her drink and sat down after. "Listen, about last night-" "You don't need to tell me anything Katie. I saw what happened even Angel did." She cut me off. I started to get more nervous. "W-what are y-you talking a-bout?" I stuttered. "Oh, don't play innocent with me. We saw you and Ramin together in your bed with your clothes scattered on the floor." Vanessa spat. My heart descended to my stomach. I was at loss for words. She saw. "Look, I can explain-" "YOU DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME! WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS AND THE ONLY TIME I'LL TALK TO YOU IS WHEN WE ARE PRACTICING." Vanessa nearly shouted as for everyone to hear. Then she stomped out. Tears started forming in my eyes. I pinched my bridge of my nose. "I really messed up big time." I said to myself. There is no way that she could forgive me now. I finished my drink before deciding to walk home.

Since Ramin was out getting groceries, I had the house to myself. I put my bag on the floor and went upstairs. I changed into a shirt and sweatpants. I went back downstairs and prepared some popcorn. Then I put "The Avengers" into the DVD player. While watching, I was deep in my thoughts. I was so disappointed with myself. I don't blame Ramin, that would be selfish of me. But so is not going to Vanessa's sleepover. Ugh! I loathe myself. Suddenly I heard the door open. "Honey! I'm home." I heard Ramin. I smirked because I know he's always wanted to say that. He put the shopping bags in the kitchen and then sat down beside me. "So, how was Vanessa?" He asked. I let a tear fall down my cheek. "What's wrong?" "Um...both her and Angel...s-saw us...last night." I struggled with my words. His mouth hung open. "I take it she is pissed at you." Ramin said. "She's beyond pissed. I just lost my only best friend. She said she'll only talk to me when I would be helping her practice. That is only once a week." I nearly yelled and cried onto his shirt. I felt him rub my back and draw circles with his index finger. "She is just angry, Katie. She needs time to calm down. By then, maybe she'll be willing to talk to you more." He told me. "Boy, I hope you're right." I thought.

(A/N: Sry the chapter is short. I was low on ideas)

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