Chapter 27

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*Day that Katie and the rest are leaving for America*
I sighed as the car came to a stop. My parents were driving the 9 (including Dana) of us. Yes, I said 9. Jessica is now my friend and we have made up. The others were happy that she changed her attitude. We got out of the car and we helped each other with our luggages. I haven't even said goodbye to my parents and already I have tears streaming down my face. I wiped them off the best that I could. I grabbed the handle of my luggage and all of us walked in. What I saw when we entered really surprised me. All of my classmates & teachers were there and they were holding up a sign that said
Then the tears came after they said the message out loud. They all came running to me and engulfed me in a HUGE hug. "Thank you so much!!!" I replied through my sobs. We all pulled away and I wiped my eyes. "Here's a card that we made especially for you." Erica told and gave it to me. The cover photo was our photo that we took after their play. I opened and read it. It was full of their personal messages. My smile grew bigger. "I love it. Thank you...for everything." I said. "Katie, we must go now. Our private plane leaves soon." Andrew told me. I gave my classmates and teacher one last hug. "Promise to Skype, Facebook, and message us as soon as you get the chance." Vanessa said. "Are you crazy? I wouldn't miss it for a thing." I replied and ran to my parents. I hugged them too. "I'll miss you both most of all." I whispered and let them go. "We will miss you too, but we'll make sure to visit anytime we can." Dad said and mom nodded. "Go ahead." She said. I nodded and grabbed the handles of my luggages. I waved at them before following the others. Ramin gave me a reassuring smile. The private plane was for only my friends and I. It was rented by my parents.
*Boarding the plane*
I took one last glance behind me and saw the others facing the glass. I gave my last wave at them. "Katie! You comin'?" Rachael asked. "Yeah." I replied before walking up the steps with my luggages. I closed the door and Earl helped me put my bags up. I sat in front of Sierra, since Ramin was busy on his phone with the guys. A few minutes later, we put strapped ourselves in and braced as the plane took off. I unbuckled my seatbelt and just chatted away with my friends. Over 2 hours later, I decided to get my phone out. I already had 5 messages from Vanessa.

V: Hey, I know that it's only been 2 hours, but I miss you like crazy :(
V: Hello? You there, Katie?
V: Heeeeelllllooooo??????
V: Katie?!

I giggled at that last one. I started typing.

K: So sorry. Had to wait til' it was safe to turn on our phones, then I was talking with the others. Anyway, miss you too. All of you. Hope you don't get the teachers very pissed at your noise.

I smiled as I hit sent. It didn't even take a minute, and she had already replied.

V: Good to know you're still alive LOL. That was random. And you know the class can't help it if they get too noisy :)

For over the next hour, we were just texting each other until we didn't know what to say to each other anymore. I really miss them ;(

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