Chapter 24

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Katie's POV
"Let's go!" I yelled from downstairs. We needed to be there at least an hour early to check if everything's shipshape. If something goes wrong, it is literally our heads on the line. In a few seconds, Ramin came running down the stairs. We went to the car and drove off. When we arrived at the theater, we saw the rest of the cast. "Katie! Ramin!" We heard our names being called. We turned to the stage and saw it was Rachael. We walked backstage and everyone was literally everywhere. Soon, both of us went our separate ways to help the others. I was busy calming down Vanessa and Ina. Luckly, Erica came to help. Vanessa looked like she was going to have a panic attack. "Vanessa. Listen to me. You'll be great. Just imagine it's a normal skit like how we used to do it back in school." I reassured and rubbed her back. Her breathing tensed down a bit. "Need water?" I asked. She nodded. I walked over to the refreshments and got her a bottle. I gave it to her and she took a long gulp. "Okay?" Vanessa gave me a thumbs up. Soon, we only had seconds left. Everybody ran to their places. We made sure we had cameras set up so we can record the entire performance. MINUTES later, it was Vanessa, Ina, and Franco's turn to sing "Angel Of Music".

PHANTOM'S VOICE: Brava, brava, bravissima . . .

Christine, Christine...
(Phantom: Christine...)

Where in the world
Have you been hiding?
Really, you were perfect!

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is your great tutor?

Father once spoke of an angel
I used to dream he'd appear
Now as I sing, I can sense him
And I know he's here

Here in this room
He calls me softly
Somewhere inside hiding

Somehow I know
He's always with me
He - the unseen genius

Christine, you must have been dreaming, stories like this can't come true

Christine, you're talking in riddles, and it's not like you!

Angel of Music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your glory!

MEG(to herself):
Who is this angel? This...

Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and strange angel

He's with me, even now...

Your hands are cold...

All around me...

Your face, Christine, it's white...

It frightens me...

Don't be frightened...

Soon, it turned to my favorite part. The title song. The way they performed it reminded me a bit of my performance with Ramin. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and held my hand.

In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me
And speaks my name
And do I dream again
For now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you
Grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me
To glance behind
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside your mind

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