Chapter 21

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Katie's POV
I groaned as I hit my alarm clock to make it stop. "I curse the day these things were invented." I grunted and stood up. It was Tuesday. Then I remembered only 3 days left until the play will be in full swing. I suddenly heard my phone start to ring. I looked at the caller ID, Andrew Lloyd Webber. I picked it up. "Yeah, Andrew?" I asked. "These few days will entirely be for dress rehearsal, so please pass this to the class." He explained. "Ok sure!" I replied and hung up. Then I dialed Vanessa's number. "Hello?" I heard. "Hey, it's me. For the next 3 days, counting today, will be for dress rehearsal. So, don't be frightened if you see a costume crew there at the theater. Pass this to the rest of the cast." I told her. "Alright!" She said and hung up. Word spreads fast around us. Even faster than Facebook, if that was even possible. Sierra suddenly opened the door. "Morning! Breakfast is ready." She said. I nodded and stood up. I brushed the tangles out of my first before going downstairs. There was an awkward silence as we ate. Someone please break the ice. "So, I hope you're okay with this because everyone is gonna be there in the theater. Even Ramin." She hoped. My stomach twisted into knots. No! Don't feel this way. He hurt you. You can't go back. "No, of course not. It's for the good of the play anyway." I replied.

*At the theater*
The car came to a stop. We unbuckled ourselves and got our stuff. Then we went inside. I took deep breathes. Sierra pushed the doors open and I was greeted by a few students and we saw the rest of the mentors sitting in the middle row. I tried not to cry in front of everyone. "Hey, Katie." Ramin said and looked down. "Hi." I replied, in a low voice. "So, how've you been?" He asked. I'm doing quite horrible thanks to you. "Great." I replied. "Katie! Over here!" I heard Vanessa. I smiled and walked over to them. "Hey." I said. "So how are you feeling?" Erica asked. "It's horrible. I have to stay here with him for the last days of practice. It'll just make me remember the night." I whispered and rubbed my temples. "Well, just don't think about it." Erica told and hugged me. I was soon joined by my friends.

Ramin's POV
I tried so hard not to look back at Katie. It hurt me so much that we can't be together anymore. Now, I really felt like The Phantom when he lost Christine. It sucks.

Katie's POV
We were now practicing "Think of Me". Ina's voice was really beautiful. Actually, back in school I might add, there were time where I was jealous of her. Ina looks and sings amazing. I wished to be like her and now I am. We erupted with claps as we gave her standing ovations. I glanced at Hannah as she rolled her eyes. She is so much like her cousin. It sickens me.
*About an hour later*
We were now practicing our surprise performance. First, each of us will sing by pair (The Phantom and Christine) the "Phantom of the Opera/Title Song" then all 3 Phantoms will sing "Music of the Night". I was, unfortunately, with Ramin. Sierra was with John and Rachael was with Earl. Soon, it was mine and Ramin's turn.

In all your fantasies, you always knew
That man and mystery
We're both in you
And in this labyrinth, where night is blind
The Phantom of the opera is here/there inside my/your mind

Then us 3 girls started belting out each note. As always, I felt a bit dizzy after hitting the last note, which is an E, but I was shocked. I hadn't reach that note ever. Feeling a sense of achievement coming on. The entire grade 8 clapped for us. We walked down the stage. "Amazing." Vanessa said and hugged. I smiled. "Thanks."

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