Chapter 18

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Vanessa's POV
I was just at home with my friends: Erica, Raj, Raph, Adrian, Angel, KC, and Isaiah. Suddenly, we all heard a loud crash and shouting from Katie's house. "What happened?" Angel asked. "Let's check it out." Adrian suggested. We all nodded. It was for the best, since our concern level instantly rose up. "Dad! Mom! We'll just go over to Katie's." I told. "Ok!" They replied. We ran out and into the next house. We heard noises upstairs. Please be okay, Katie. After walking up the stairs, we saw Sierra and Rachael crying in front of Katie's door. "What happened?" I asked. They wiped their eyes first. "Ramin hurt Katie." Sierra told us. My eyes widened. "How?" KC asked. "He got drunk and kissed his ex. We couldn't find him anywhere, but when we found him....he slapped Katie. Now, she's letting all that anger out." Rachael explained. We had anger in our eyes. Why hurt Katie? She doesn't deserve this pain. For the next hour, we sat on the floor just waiting for the noises to stop. Then it did. I took a deep breath before standing up and knocking on the door. "I TOLD YOU GUYS TO GET OUT!!!" I heard her shout from the other side.

Katie's POV
"It's me." I recognized that voice anywhere. Vanessa. "What are you doing here?" I asked and wiped away my tears. "The noise reached my house." She replied. I sighed. "Vanessa, go away. Don't see me like this." I told her.

Vanessa's POV
I sighed. How are we gonna do this? "Let me try." Erica said. My face brightened up. Erica was the very first person that Katie would go to for psychological problems. She even called Erica "her therapist". She knocked on the door.

Katie's POV
I grunted. HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SO STUBBORN?! "I thought I told you to go away, Vanessa." I repeated and rolled my eyes. "I'm not Vanessa." I heard another voice. I widened my eyes. "E-Erica?" I stuttered. "Yes. You know exactly why I came next." She replied. I closed my eyes and opened the door, only for her to come in. Then I locked the door again. Her eyes widened at me. I must look horrible right now. She kneeled down to me and I met her gaze. "I'm sure Sierra and Rachael have told you what happened." I told her. She nodded. I looked down. I felt her rub my back. "It's okay. If Ramin really meant what he called you, then to hell he doesn't deserve you." I smiled and hugged her. Then we let go. I felt a bit happier. "You feel better?" She asked. "A bit." I replied, the tone of my voice became cheerful again. "So, are you okay to let them in now?" I nodded. I took me a bit of help to stand up, but I managed. As soon as I opened the door, I was engulfed in a massive hug. I was bombarded with "He doesn't deserve you" and "We'll always be by your side".

My ex-classmates left while Rachael and Sierra stayed to help clean the room. Then they decided to stay with me for the night, so I lent them PJ's which are too big for me. They stayed in the guest bedroom. I was in my room listening to the singer that always brightened my mood whenever I would listen to his music or re-watch him on American Idol season 2. Clay Aiken. I was listening to his cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Water". The way he belches out that last note amazes me everytime. Then I fell asleep while listening to my medley of his songs.

When You're Weary Feeling Small
When Tears Are In Your Eyes I Will Dry Them All
I'm On Your Side Oh When Times Get Rough
And Friends Just Can't Be Found

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Lay Me Down

Sail On Silver Girl Sail On By
Your Time Has Come To Shine All Your Dreams Are On Their Way
See How They Shine Oh When You Need A Friend
Well Look Around I'm Sailing Right Behind

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Ease Your Mind
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Ease Your Mind
Your Mind

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