Chapter 19

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Katie's POV
TIME: 3:00 pm
I knew I couldn't let Ramin stay with me anymore. This time, Sierra is staying with me now. I'm already helping her move her stuff inside. She's staying in the guest bedroom and Ramin will be staying at her hotel room. "Hey! Thanks for doing this." I said. She smiled at me. "Of course." She replied. I glanced down at the ring. I sighed. "What's wrong?" Sierra asked. "Could you bring me over to the hotel?" I requested and looked back at the ring. She soon knew why. Sierra nodded. I quickly ran upstairs and wrote a short note and stuffed it in my pocket. Then we hopped in the car and took off.

*At Earl, Rachael, John's hotel rooms at the Mandarin Hotel (their rooms are conjoined)*
I knocked and Earl opened the door. Sierra and I walked in and saw Ramin STILL WAY passed out on the couch. My heart started to ache a bit. I walked over to him and placed the note on the desk then took off the ring and placed it on top. It was all over. I looked at his face for a bit. It pained me so much that he would do this to me. "We have to go." We all heard John. "Where?" We all asked. "To Jessica's place. She must've put something Ramin's drink that made him act like that. She clearly wants him back." He explained. I sighed. "Thank you for that, but seeing her will only make the pain worse." I replied. I could see it in their eyes. They wanted to SERIOUSLY HURT Jessica, and deep inside, I wanted too. But I should keep my mind off Ramin for a while. "Let's go." I told Sierra.

*Back At The House*
"I'll just finish fixing my stuff. No need to help." Sierra told as she went upstairs. "Ok." I replied and turned on the TV. I still felt a bit tired, since we had to wake up early to move Ramin's and Sierra's things. In no time, I just zonked out.

Sierra's POV
*An Hour Later*
I walked back downstairs and saw Katie sleeping. She looked so peaceful. She doesn't deserve this in any way. John was right. We have to go to Jessica. I picked up my phone and called John. After our conversation, we agreed that Rachael would be watching over Ramin while the 3 of us would go. I turned off the TV then put a blanket on top of Katie. I smiled at her then walked into my car. I picked up Earl and John and we were on our way.

*2 hours later (because her apartment is far and due to construction, there was traffic)*
We saw Jessica walk into the building of her apartment. I clenched my knuckles. I was so mad at her. Pretty sure all of us are. I parked the car outside then we got out. When we walked in, John asked where her room was. The concierge seemed a bit suspicious until Earl lied, saying that we were friends of her's. Seriously, I wanted to throw up at that statement. Her room is 1528. We took the elevator and went to find her room. I knocked, well banged on the door. "Ugh! What the hell?!" We heard her grunt from the other side. She opened her door. She didn't look at the least happy to see us. "What are you idiots doing here?" Jessica asked. Our anger raised up another thousand. "You did something to Ramin that made him hurt Katie." I said and clenched my fists more. She smiled like she was very proud of it. "Of course I did. I put more alcohol in his drink." Jessica replied. "How could you?! Katie has been scarred enough. Now, you've really went past the line." Earl said. She laughed in that annoying manner she always does. "What are you going to do to me about it, huh? You can't get me arrested." She threatened. She was right. I can't believe it. "Just stay away from Ramin and Katie." John replied through clenched teeth. Then all 3 of us left.

Katie's POV
I woke up with the blanket on me. Sierra must've put it there. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Good thing my bag was beside me. I grabbed my brush and fixed my hair. I suddenly heard the door open. I saw Sierra. "Oh, Katie!" She looked like she was struggling with her own words. I raised my eyebrow at her. "Sierra, what did you do?" I asked slowly. She sighed and walk over to sit beside me. "I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. We agreed that Earl, John, and I would go to Jessica's place and Rachael would stay with Ramin. I know you didn't like the idea, but-" "It's okay." I cut her off. "What?" She asked in disbelief. "I understand that wanted to do it." I told her. She sighed in relief. "So...what did she tell you?" I asked. "She added more alcohol to Ramin's drink back at the club. Explains why he acted like that." Sierra explained. I looked down. "So it's not Ramin's fault. He-" "I know it wasn't his fault, but he still hurt me even though it was unintentional. I can't love him again. Vanessa was right. It was my mistake of pursuing a relationship at a young age." I cut her off. "No! It wasn't a mistake. Honestly, I've never seen Ramin love someone this much." She replied. I smiled at Sierra. "I...I just need time to get my priorities straight. We're all busy with the play and I have to practice for Les Miserables." I told her. She nodded. "I understand."

Ramin's POV
Time: 5:30 pm
I suddenly woke up with a massive headache. I groaned as I sat up. "Oh! You're awake." I heard Rachael. She gave me medicine and water. "Why am I here?" I asked. Her eyes showed sadness. "Don't you remember? You got super drunk last night at the pub... Now you're staying in Sierra's room while she'll be staying with Katie." She told me. My eyes widened. Memories flooded back into my mind. I hurt Katie. I slapped her, I called her horrible names. God! What kind of person am I?! "Katie." I whispered and stood up. "She left a note for you." Rachael pointed at the desk. I saw the note.......and the ring. My heart descended into my stomach. I picked up the note and read it. My heart shattered.

"I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore.

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