Dedication Page and Final author's note ;(

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A/N: Hey guys *sniffs*. Thank you so much for reading my book. You don't know how much you make me happy when the views go up and when there are votes and additional comments. I know that some tears will be shed, but not to worry. I shall be posting a second book. This time, it's the background story of Katie and Ramin.

Second, I have a few followers that I would love to shout out to. They have mostly voted and read my book. So without further adieu, I would LOVE to thank:
You guys are the main reasons why I continued to write this story. Also a shoutout to my classmates and friends, Vanessa and Erica. You gave me ideas when I was low on them. Thank you guys so much.

Remember, this isn't a goodbye. It is merely a "See you later". For the final time, thank you to my fellow followers and friends.


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