Chapter 17

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Katie's POV
4:30 pm
I hear my phone start to ring. I read the caller ID and see Sierra's name. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, Katie! Rachael and I have been thinking that it's been a while since we've had our girl's night, so why don't we have a movie break later?" She told me. I smiled. I definitely missed those nights. Since we were all super busy with the play, we've haven't planned much yet. This is just what we need. "Sure! I'd love that! You. Me. Rachael. Here. In one hour." I replied with a huge grin on my face. "Ok!" Sierra said and hung up. I put down my phone on the table and turned on the TV. "Katie? Could I talk to you?" I heard Ramin from behind. "Sure." I replied before he sat down beside me. "So, the guys invited me to go to drinking with them and I know you don't like me doing that. So, if you don't want, I can turn them down and-" "No! Go with them. It's fine. I know how to handle you anyway when you're drunk. I've done it before." I cut him off. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Of course." I happily said. He smiled and hugged me. "Thanks." He whispered in my ear. Then he let go of me. "Besides, Sierra and Rachael are coming here so we can watch movies. So, don't worry about me." I told him. "Ok." He replied before going upstairs to freshen up. I'm pretty sure y'all wondering why he's conscious. The night he broke up with Jessica, which was about a year and a half ago and we weren't dating yet, he got super drunk and somehow found his way to mine and Dana's apartment. So I was alone because Dana was busy with her work (she works as the executive chef in a really nice Japanese restaurant back in America called "The Taste Of Tokyo") and heard someone knocking on our door. After opening it, I saw Ramin SUPER drunk and he nearly forced himself onto me (if you know what I mean). That traumatized me for 2 straight weeks and he regretted it the whole time. I know. Spooky. *SHIVERS*

Both of us were just waiting for them to come when suddenly, we heard two car horns. Ramin got up to open the door and let them in. I followed. "Hey!" I said as Rachael and Sierra hugged me. A few seconds, they let go. I looked outside and saw Earl and John in the car. We waved to each other. "So, I promise to come back not late and definitely NOT drunk." Ramin told and smiled. I smiled back. "It's okay if you get a bit drunk." I insisted. He smirked and kissed my cheek before walking out. Before he left, we said our goodbyes. I closed the door and the 3 of us literally ran to the living room. "So! What movies are we gonna watch?" Rachael asked. My smile grew wider. "Well, I think the first two movies we should watch are.................The Imitation Game first, then The Theory of Everything." I said and we all squealed/fangirled. As you can tell, we ALL have a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne. "Yes!" Sierra yelled. "I'll grab the tissues!" She yelled and ran upstairs. "I'll get the popcorn." Rachael said and ran to the kitchen. "I'll put in the CD." I yelled and walked over to the TV set.

Of course at the end of "The Imitation Game", we were crying our eyes out. Especially when a young Alan Turing was going to give a code to Christopher, that says "I Love You" when you decode it, when they went back to school, but Christopher never came then Alan got called into the office and the headmaster told him that Christopher died of Tuberculosis and he never told Alan. Also when Alan cried and told Joan Clarke to not let the government take Christopher (the computer) away from him. The first time I watched the movie, I cried myself to sleep afterwards. "So, The Theory Of Everything?" Sierra asked while sniffling. I nodded as my eyes were red with tears as I blew my nose into the tissue and threw it. Rachael was shaking and crying. When we watched the next movie, we didn't cry as much, but there were a few scenes where we shed a tear or two. We also felt hungry, so we ate leftover pasta while continuing to watch. At the end, we felt happy after watching those two movies.

Jessica's POV (dun dun DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!)
I smirked and drank while eyeing Ramin. He'll be crawling back to me. Good thing those two idiots, Earl and John, weren't next to him. I walked over to him. "Hey, Ramin!" I raised my voice over the blasting music. "Jessica." Ramin drank and glared at me. "So, wanna dance?" I wiggled my eyebrow. He rolled his eyes. DON'T YOU DARE ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!!! "Forget it." He replied. I pouted, but grinned evilly inside. As soon as he turned his head the other way, I put in more alcohol in his drink. I giggled softly then walked away. I just stared at him while he was finishing off his drink. This is gonna be good.

I stood up to leave, but arms suddenly snaked around me waist. The plan was finally working. "Hey! Where you going so soon? Let's dance." Ramin whispered in my ear. I smirked and dragged him to the dance floor.

Katie's POV
We were playing Just Dance 4 on the Wii when Sierra had to answer her phone and walk outside. We paused the game and drank water. When Sierra walked back, her eyes showed worry. "Sierra? What is it?" Rachael asked. We started getting concerned. "The call was from Earl. Him and John can't find Ramin anywhere. The last time they saw him was him walking out with Jessica." She replied. "WHAT?!" I yelled. My heartbeat went faster. "Let's go." I said before putting on my shoes and walking out. Rachael drove, I rode shotgun, Sierra was at the back. The pub was about 10-15 minutes away and fortunately, there was no traffic. When we arrived, we saw Earl and John at the entrance. Rachael parked and we hastily got out. "Do you know where he went?" Sierra asked. Earl pointed to our left and the 5 of us ran. I stayed beside Earl the whole time. A few minutes later, we still couldn't find him. I was starting to hyperventilate. I could clearly see my hands start to shake. "Katie. Calm down. It's going to be okay." Earl said and rubbed my back. I relaxed and my breathing tensed down. "Katie!" John called. I ran to him. He was looking at an alley. I followed his eyes. My heart broke into a billion pieces. Ramin had Jessica up against the wall and were in a heated make out. The tears came once more. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" John yelled and he and Earl pulled him aside. "WHAT THE F**K!" Ramin yelled. I cringed. "Ramin, you promised me you wouldn't get this drunk." I said in between sobs. "SHUT UP, YOU WORTHLESS B**CH!!!" Ramin shouted then a sharp pain came to my right cheek before I fell to the ground. I held onto my cheek as I felt weak. I was so shocked that I couldn't move. Ramin slapped me. He promised me that Jessica wouldn't come in between us. He lied. I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have pursued a relationship at a very young age. "How could you do that?! Katie is your friend!" Rachael and Sierra asked. "Please! She's not a friend. She doesn't mean anything to me." I felt like the most hated person alive. I felt alone in the abyss of darkness. It's like all the happiness inside me was destroyed. I couldn't speak. "Take Katie back." I heard John tell Sierra and Rachael. I didn't even stand up. Both of them helped me into the car. I didn't even speak a single word to them. We drove back to the house. They helped me again into the room. They even took my shoes off. "Katie?" Sierra asked. I just stared at her. I couldn't take it anymore. I broke my whole wall (psychological meaning). I bursted into tears and held onto them for dear life. "DAMN RAMIN!" I yelled. Then I let go of them and slammed by hands on the wall. I started punching it. "Katie?" Rachael's voice showed fear. I was breathing heavily. "GET OUT!!!" I shouted and pointed at the door. They ran out and I slammed the door locked. My anger was out of control. I started destroying the picture frames with pictures of Ramin and I. I didn't care if there were shards of glass on the floor.

Sierra's POV
Rachael and I cried on the other side as we heard loud crashes from the room. Katie gets scary when she gets like this. "How could this happen?" Rachael asked in between sobs. "Jessica. I'm pretty sure she made Ramin act like that." I replied and cringed as we heard Katie yell and cry.

Katie's POV
I let my back slid down the wall. I brought my knees to my chest and continued crying. This is the perfect definition of broken-hearted. There were small wounds on my arms and legs, but I didn't care. My pain was worse. My eyes were red from all the crying. My throat felt painful after all my shouting. I can't believe I'm about to say this.......
That's it! Me and Ramin are OVER!!!!!

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