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A/N: Well, here it goes. The last chapter, but I'll post a dedication page and my final author's note after this. The pic is their living room in the apartment.
I ran out of the bedroom and into the living room with my laptop. Vanessa, Erica, Angel, and KC were ready to Skype. I texted them that I was ready too. Then their faces appeared on my computer screen. "Hey, Katie!" They said and waved. I waved back. "Hi guys!" I replied. The night (well, morning over there) went on with us just chatting about some random stuff for the next 2 hours.

It was surprising how things went by. We went back to my home country, got together with my classmates again, my best friend hated me 'cause I missed her sleepover, Vanessa and I were on opposite sides for nearly 2 weeks then became friends again, Jessica came back, Ramin and I broke up, got back together after singing our hearts out, their school play became a success, I performed as Eponine, Jessica and I are friends now, and it's currently been 2 days since we arrived back in America. I know it sounds confusing. Also it makes a single question pop into your mind......



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