Chapter 20

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Ramin's POV
Time: 10:30 am
After a day of getting the alcohol out of my system, I grabbed my jacket and the keys to my car then headed to the door. "I don't think Katie is the least bit ready to see you." I heard Rachael. I thought about it for a bit, but disregarded it. I walked out and was soon on my way back to the house. I'm so sorry Katie.

Katie's POV
I was finishing eating breakfast until I heard a frantic knock on the door. "I'll get it!" I heard Sierra. "Ok!" I yelled back and picked up my phone to check my FB.

Sierra's POV
I opened the door and there stood Ramin. My heart descended into my stomach. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He sighed. "I need to see Katie." He replied and nudged me out of his way. Then he walked into the kitchen. This was not gonna end well.

Katie's POV
I looked up and saw..........Ramin. I remembered the pain again. My cheek was still a bit red, but it looked like it was gonna finish healing in a few hours. "Katie....." He breathed. I sighed and stood up while crossing my arms. "I am so sorry. Please let me make it-" "No." I cut him off. He had mix of hurt and confusion in his eyes. I bit my bottom lip. "There can't be an 'us' anymore, Ramin. I need to set my priorities straight." I explained. His eyes showed hurt. "No. No." He mumbled and frantically grabbed something from his pocket. He pulled out the ring. "Do you know why I got you this?" He asked with tears brimming from his eyes. I stayed silent because my eyes were swelling up with tears. "I got you this because I love you. More than life itself. I love it when I wake up and see your face. Please don't end this." Ramin begged. It hurt a lot that I had to reject him, but it was the right thing to do. "I can't do this. Ramin, it's over." I breathed and wiped my tears. His tears flowed out more. I sniffled. "You should go." I said and that's what he did. The last thing I heard was the door slamming shut. I sighed before sitting down and cried more. Then I felt someone rubbing my back. I perfectly knew it was Sierra. "It's okay." She whispered.

Ramin's POV
*while driving*
I felt like I lost my whole world. I'm the worst boyfriend in the history of boyfriends. I glanced at the picture of Katie and I at the beach and slammed the back of my head onto the headrest. I lost Katie. The girl that made me crazy for her ever since we met. I love her with all my heart, but now she's ended it. She gone out of my reach. We can't be together. It made sense because of our age differences, but I didn't care. Age is just a number. The tears seemed to flow non stop.

Katie's POV
I walked back upstairs and plopped myself down on the bed. I need something to take my mind off the breakup. Then I thought smacked down in my head. You know, I haven't played badminton in a long time. "Sierra!" I yelled. Within a few seconds, she came barging through the door. "Yep?" She asked. "Why don't we play badminton today. It's been a while. I can also invite my other friends." I suggested. Her face brightened up. "Sure!" She replied and ran out to probably get ready. I grabbed my phone and texted: Vanessa, Sandra, Isaiah, John, Felix, Adi, and Miggy. It didn't take long for them to respond. All of their parents allowed them. I then texted them to let their parents drop them off at my house. After, I put down my phone and freshened up. Then I grabbed the badminton rackets and set them down on the couch. "Katie! Do you mind if I invited Dana?" I heard Sierra from upstairs. "Of course not. She can come!" I replied.
We all were able to fit in one car. Thankfully, we still had some space in between us. Sierra drove to "SmashHit Badminton Gym". My parents built it for me. About 5 years later, they opened it to the public. I've known every staff by heart. If we get a new employee, it's my job to find out and get to know them. I always go there because I don't have to pay. My parents insist that they always will do it instead. Soon, the car came to a stop. "Yeah! Let's hit that court!" Miggy yelled and the rest of us cheered. We got out and grabbed our stuff and headed in. "Hey Katie! Back from America, I see." Amy greeted. She was the employee that I was closest to. I chuckled. "Yes and it's great to be back, Amy. The usual, if you still remember." I told her. She smiled. "Of course! I would never forget. 2 hours." She replied. I nodded. "Oh! We'll rent out the entire gym if that's okay." I added. "You can. There's some festival in Baguio and it's got everyone psyched out." Amy explained. "Great! And can we get Gatorade for everyone?" I asked. "Sure! Any color?" She asked. I nodded then I faced the others. "Ok! So basically, we've got the entire gym to ourselves." I told them. They looked happy. We all stretched first. "Hey Katie! Wanna play doubles with Me, Felix, and John?" I heard Vanessa. "Sure!" I replied and got my racket and shuttlecock out. "I'll serve?" I asked. She nodded. We got into our positions then I served and sent it flying over the net. Felix hit it and then Vanessa then John. 20 minutes later, I saw Darren walking out with our drinks. "Guys! Drinks are here!" I announced and we stopped for a break. "Hey K!" Darren greeted. "Hi Darren." I replied. "Good to see you!" He told while handling me my blue Gatorade. My favorite. "Same here." Is said while opening my Gatorade then drinking it. We all sat down. "So I'm guessing your parents built this gym, since every staff member knows you here." Adi said. I nodded. "They built it for me. My dad wanted me to be a big sports fanatic and my entire family, both sides, love badminton. So, this happened." I told. Some of them gasped. "Seriously, Katie! You are the luckiest girl ever. I would give anything to switch my parents with yours. Just don't tell them that." Sandra joked the last one. We laughed. About 10 minutes later, we resumed our game.
"Katie! Your time is up." We heard Amy shout. All of us stopped while I gave her a thumbs up. "We'll just use the bathrooms to freshen up." I told her. "Ok!" She replied. We packed our gear and grabbed our extra clothes. Luckily, everyone brought their own. "What about towels?" John asked. "They put on for you already. They hang it inside the cubicles." I replied. Then we went to the locker rooms. I went inside the first cubicle on the left. After bathing and freshening up my clothes, I walked out and dried my hair with the hair dryer. My hair dries fast so it only takes about 5 minutes. Then we packed all of our stuff and left. "Hey! Do you guys want to eat already?" Sierra asked while driving. My friends nodded. "Yeah! We're starved." I told her. We went to ATC (Alabang Town Center, if you guys don't know) and ate at BonChon. All in all, the day really took my mind off...........Ramin. Plus there was only 5 days left until the play will be in full swing. Yay!

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