Chapter 15

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NOTE: Hey guys! This is another lemon/smut chapter. My friends were begging me to do it after reading the last one (Chapter 6). The song is called "Beneath A Moonless Sky" (Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess version) from the sequel of "Phantom of the Opera". It's called "Love Never Dies" (I'm just saying this for people who don't know) and I thought the song fit this chapter/moment quite well.

Katie's POV

On my own

Pretending he's beside me

All alone, I walk with him till morning.......

I was singing while the music was being played. When I ended, everyone clapped. Well, except for Jessica. "As always, that was an amazing BTS moment, Katie." Cameron (Mackintosh) said with a huge smile on his face. "Thanks." I replied. I walked over to Ramin and hugged him. "You sounded so beautiful, love." He whispered in a voice that gave shivers down my spine. I noticed Jessica with a disgusted look on her face. Good thing she doesn't know that me and Ramin are in a relationship. When Ramin released me from our hug, it was his and the other guys turn to sing "Red and Black". We all clapped and howled after they finished singing. All in all, we sang good and were already very, VERY tired.

*At Home* (8:00 pm)

"Finally!" I cheered when we arrived at home. I got out of the car and ran inside. "Why so eager, Katie?" I heard Ramin. "Because I will take a shower first. I've been sweating buckets all day." I replied and walked upstairs. I hung my bag up, took off my shoes, placed my gadgets inside my drawer, and went inside the bathroom. I turned on the light and took off my clothes and glasses. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water hit my skin. I was finally relaxed.

Ramin's POV

I smirked when she ran upstairs. I certainly am the luckiest guy ever. I couldn't control my desire, my lust to join her. I too walked upstairs. In the room, I locked the door and started undoing the buttons on my shirt. Soon, all my clothes were off. If I didn't know Katie, then she wouldn't lock the door to the bathroom. Sometimes she forgets to do it. I crept inside and she did not notice.

Katie's POV

I was just washing off the shampoo from my hair, when I felt arms snake around my waist. I exactly knew who it was. I gulped as my heartbeat quickened it's pace. Then, from behind, Ramin placed kisses down my neck and shoulder as the water hit him. "Beautiful." He mumbled in between kisses. Then he found my found my sweet spot and started to suck. I shivered and a moan escaped my lips. I could hear him smirk. "You like that?" He whispered and continued kissing while his hands roamed around my body. I bit my lip and nodded. I couldn't control my hunger for him. I turned around and smashed our lips together. We weren't holding back. It was rough, yet passionate at the same time. Soon, our tongues were fighting for dominance. "Jump." Ramin said and I knew what that meant. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his torso. He pushed me against the wall as the water just kept hitting our skin. About 2 minutes or so later, I heard him turn the water off and Ramin brought me to the bedroom. He gently pushed me down to the bed and we continued without having a care that we were still soaking wet. I'm pretty sure my neck will be full of hickeys by the time we're done. It was my turn to kiss his neck and collar. A groan escaped his lips and he turned us over. I kept kissing his neck as he arched his back. I felt his fingers trailing lines around my back. I flipped us over again (because I love it when Ramin's in charge ;)). "Ramin." I moaned. "Yes, love?" He asked. "I don't want to end it this way.......... Touch me. I want you inside me." I breathed as I felt myself getting wetter and tighter by the second. I groaned as Ramin inserted his finger inside. "Oh God!" I breathed and threw my head back. It all at once became harder to breathe. Then he inserted another. I ached for more. He pumped his fingers in a slow, agonizing pace. Then all of a sudden, he replaced his fingers with his luscious tongue. "UGH!!! YES, THERE! Ramin please more-OH GOD!" I begged as I closed my eyes. My moans got louder as I gripped the bedsheets. It didn't take long until I orgasmed. "You're so f****ing wet. Now, you're just spoiling me." His voice sent shivers down my whole body. God! I can't take all of this teasing. A few seconds later, Ramin took his tongue out and licked his lips and fingers. Damn it! Just take me already. "Babe, please." I whimpered. "Please what?" He teased and smirked. "I-I want you to f**k me already. I-I need you." I begged. Ramin smirked. Then he bent down to whisper in my ear again. "I'll go deeper than I have ever been. I'll make you beg and moan my name to go faster and faster. I'll f**k you so f**king hard, you'll become wetter than ever. I'll make your legs so weak, you wouldn't be able to walk for a month. Do you want that?" His husky voice sent shivers down my spine as he nipped my earlobe. I didn't hesitate to nod. Ramin put on a condom before we positioned ourselves. Then that's when he inserted himself into me. I felt a sharp pain then pleasure. Every thrust he gave became deeper and deeper. "Ramin, faster. Oh God! HARDER, PLEASE!" I moaned and he did. I was probably a writhing mess by now. More moans and groans escaped our mouths. I have never felt this tight and wet before. I gasped as he pulled himself out only to groan as he slammed back in. Finally, for what seemed like minutes of torture and pleasure, "R-Ramin, I-I can't-" I struggled with my words as I felt myself beginning to climax. "Cum for me, Katie. Release it all." Ramin whispered. He was on top as he pinned my arms down. Our breathing became more raspy. Finally, with one last thrust, "RAMIN!" I screamed and climaxed again. I was starting to feel a bit lightheaded after that second orgasm. I could feel that he was really hard by now. "Think you can handle a third one?" He asked. I widened my eyes. Before I could say anything, Ramin was going in a slower, antagonizing pace. I just kept screaming as my pussy was now oversensitive to every thrust that he gave. I tried to beg him to go faster to end this, but I was becoming more lightheaded and all the more, struggled with my words. It took several minutes until Ramin groaned before he spurted his seed into the condom. Then he pulled out, leaving me more wet. He threw the condom away and I whined as I needed release. Ramin smirked before kissing down my body, marking some of my skin. I screamed more as he placed his tongue back inside and started eating me out. I kept moaning as he nipped, bit and sucked. Then he inserted two fingers in my ass and started prodding my sensitive spot. I felt like I was on cloud 9 from the combined pleasures he was giving me. "T-too m-m-...." I couldn't say anything as I was starting to feel like passing out. I whined as I finally orgasmed for a third time. I felt him lick up all my juices and kiss my very oversensitive pussy over and over again as I continued to whimper. "N-no m-m-more p-lease." I whispered as I passed out.

Ramin's POV
HOLY S**T!!! That was f***ing amazing. I licked up all of Katie's cum before wiping my fingers and mouth clean. I smirked and kissed her cheek after noticing that she passed out. I got up and grabbed a clean towel and I wet it with a little warm water. I came back and I wiped her clean. After, I threw the towel into the laundry basket and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her body closer to mine. "You did so well, my love." I whispered praises as I kissed her face and neck several times before finally letting sleep take over me.

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