Chapter 25

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Katie's POV
I was at the school. Ramin was waiting in the car. I was able to walk up to my classroom. It was homeroom period. I knocked on the door. Then I walked in. "Katie!" Vanessa cheered. I smiled. "Hello Katie." Teacher Andrei greeted. "Hi Teacher Andrei." I replied, "I have something for a few people." I announced and she gave me the floor. "Hey guys!" I said. "Hi Katie!" The entire class said. "Well, as some of you know, I am going to portray Eponine in Les Miserables at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I'm here because I need to give something to a few people. I need: Angel, Vanessa, Justyne, KC, and Ina. Please stay in front." I told them. They looked shocked, but followed my orders. I sighed. "Ok. Guys, here are your tickets." I brought them out and handed it to them. Angel immediately squealed. I could clearly hear some of the boys laugh quietly. Well, not quiet enough. I giggled at them. Vanessa engulfed me in a tight hug. Wow! She really has gotten stronger since last year. "Thank you so much, Katie!" Vanessa said before releasing me. "It's no problem." I replied. "Wait, who paid for these?" Justyne asked. "Don't worry. My parents are paying for everything. Oh! By the way," I told, reaching my pocket. I pulled out "you all have backstage passes and an exclusive meet and greet with the rest of the cast." I explained. Angel screamed louder. This time, the whole class erupted with laughter. "KATIE! OMG I LOVE YOU!!!" She said. I laughed too. "It's fine." I replied. "Anyway, I gotta go for lunch. Bye!" I said. "Bye Katie!" The entire class replied. I waved and walked out to the car. I got in the car and buckled up. "So, did they love it?" Ramin asked. I smiled. "Yeah, especially Angel. She couldn't stop squealing." I told and laughed. He laughed too. When we stopped, Ramin kissed me on the lips. I blushed. Then we pulled away and drove off. We ate at "Italliani's" with Dana and my parents. Dana was so glad that we were back together. My parents just know that I got into a fight with my friend, Ramin. Although, dad was a little skeptical, they still welcomed him with open arms.
Jessica's POV
I was just strolling the mall with my besties, Carmen and Maggie, while feeling good about what I did to Ramin. It's about time that excuse-for-a-star Katie backed off my man. I noticed Ramin with KATIE?! I gasped. "What is he doing with her?! I thought they broke up." I complained. WHY DOES SHE GET EVERYTHING?! I fanned myself as my anger rose. "Hey it's okay. You'll get your revenge later." Carmen reassured and Maggie pushed me away. She was right. I can't do it now. Her parents are with her. They're such of a high status that they can demolish any company or person that suspiciously questions/seriously hurt their daughter. DAMN YOU KATIE!!! "Don't worry. I'll get you soon, Romero." I snarled through gritted teeth.

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