Jimin - Why did you make me do this, Agy?

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Agy's POV

I'm sitting alone in the food court as I wait for Christine, Anna and him. We were supposed to go out and have a mall bonding but I guess I got here a little too early for it -.-

I was scrolling through my phone as I think for more ideas to include in my next update for my wattpad story when someone tapped my shoulder.

"May I sit here?" he asked and my heart began to flutter.

"Shut up and just sit down Park Jimin." I said half smiling as I return my gaze to my phone.

"Yah. We barely get to hang out anymore and now that we're alone, why can't you just talk to me?" he said tugging on my hand, trying to get my attention.

"Aiish. Arrasso arrasso. You complete my next update then." I said putting down my phone and looking at him. He smiled widely, losing his eyes for a moment before he began talking about what we've been missing on eachother.

It went on and on and on as we both never left eachother's gaze as each listened well to what the other has to say.

"And there was this time we went to the amusement park, and Anna threw up after riding the loopy coaster for 3 consecutive times! I mean, we told her to take a rest but she doesn't listen." I laughed as he smiled dearly.

"Agy... why did you make me do this?" he suddenly asked taking me off guard. My smile faded as my inside twists.

"It's you who I want and you know that. It's you who I love and I'm pretty sure I made that clear, but why?" he suddenly asked seriously, with pain evident in his voice. I felt my tears making its way to fall but I was quicker to wipe it before he could see.

"It was never easy for me to do this. You know how I feel too but.." I cleared my throat as it was begining to get hard to speak. "You'll know the reason, maybe in the right time? I'm sorry.." I said looking down.

"Hey Agy! Jagi!" Christine shouted with Anna beside her as they ran towards us.

"How come you got here too early? Where you having a date behind my back?!" She feigned hurt as she held her chest then giggled the next second.

"Kidding." She smiled as she sat down beside Jimin as Anna took the seat next to me.

"Hey, Agy, are you okay?" she asked.

"Y.yeah." I stuttered.

I look towards the couple infront of us as Christine wrapped her arms around Jimin's while she lay her head on his shoulder, telling something to him. Jimin looked down on her, smiling before looking back at me with eyes showing how he's broken in two. I looked down before looking at Anna who was telling me something. I nodded at every word she said as my mind flew around, not knowing what to do.

After the group's chitchat, we decided to walk around and go to the arcade.

"Come on let's play let's play!" Christine jumped around and ran to the arcade with Anna beside her. I shook my head at how playful and energetic she can be, despite the reality..

"Will you ever tell me why? I'm dying inside." he whispered to me.

"She'll have to tell you sooner or later." I said before walking ahead but being stopped when he held my hand and gave it a squeeze.


"Jimin.." I looked back and faced him. "Just a little more okay? You'll understand me." I said looking at him, but not having the heart the shake his hand off.

Author's POV

As the two stood there with their hands on each other, little did they know that Christine went out of the arcade to look for them and found them holding hands. Christine saw in her boyfriend's eyes how much he loves her bestfriend and it broke her, but she knew what she had to do. She'll have to do it soon, but she just wants a few more time to spend with him before she lets go and put everything to place.

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