Chapter 5 - All Gone

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Sept 20, 2229

That evening inside the old closed-down store, Lel let go of his PAD and it floated in place. He stood up and the PAD rose and positioned itself next to his right shoulder. "Come on man, why we sitting around all day."

"We're supposed to be keeping an eye on things. Wait till someone comes knocking, good or bad," said Erwin.

"Nobody comes looking... Ever."

"Tell you what; I'll take you to this AR paintball place I know. We can burn off some steam."

"K... Cool." Lel batted a large metal cap off the top of a clothes rack pole with a thinner plastic pipe. It bounced off the far wall with a thump and clanked across the floor.


A brown, angular dropship flew down onto a rock-strewn outcrop on the side of Bald Eagle Mountain. Inside the ships, large bay stood the Arkvee with the large red Dunamis crystals protruding from it. Across the bay, a big black Dunamis glinted from a machine attached to the ships haul.

A bunch of G.E lined up inside, and the back of the dropship opened; an ample enough opening for a thirty-foot Arkvee standing up to go in or out.

In walked a clean-shaven handsome man. Malphas had smooth light skin, dark eyes, and short black hair. Wearing all black, he had on a suit with a fancy trench coat appearance and made from the same fabric as Gill's suit.

"So, it appears I got you this ship just in time," said Malphas.

Diesel and Joe stepped forward.

"Yes, thank you Malphas. Much appreciated," said Diesel.

"Yes. What were your names again?" Malphas turned away and looked around the ship.

"This here is Joe and my names Diesel."

"I see," said Malphas looking them up and down.

"So, we almost got this Onslaught working we got from the Harbingers," said Diesel.

"Oh, the Arkvee. Yes, and Anlon's men are on your tail. I suggest you step up your timeline."

Joe stepped closer to Malphas. "No problem. Does headquarters have something particular in mind?"

"No, We'll leave it in your hands. Just maintain communication blackout," said Malphas walking out.


Though it took a while, Gill gained access to various Syndicate's satellite databases. He set an AI program to search through by a certain date range at the coordinates of the G.E's run-down old factory.

The program compiled a significant amount of data on the comings and goings from the building. It appeared a single expensive Alacrity car always came from and left to the northeast, toward New York City.

Directing his car to drive along the same roads the other one did, Gill accessed CCTV camera databases along the way, searching for the Alacrity every step of the way. Attempts to ID the car and its owner from the license plate didn't work. The license plate changed its number every so often too, making it hard to track.

In an industrial area, Gill had not found it hard to track the Alacrity to a warehouse. The building was surrounded by other identical ones spaced a double lane distance from each other. Deciding to stake it out, Gill stopped the car out of direct line of sight. Sending a few drones to land on top of ones nearby, Gill watched warehouse 43 through their cameras from many directions.

Calling Sydnie, Gill waited for her to answer the PAD.

"Hello," said Sydnie accenting the second half of the word.

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