Chapter 4 - Half Gone

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Sept 20, 2229

In the old closed-down store, Lel and Erwin sat around playing games on their PADs.

"Hey, newbie. You wanna walk with me? Maybe find a bite to eat," said Erwin.

"I have a name," said Lel.

"Ok, ok. Lel was it?"


"Come on. I'm buying. You'll get out of this dump soon my friend."

"Good. Cos I don't have any money. The only money I get's from the G.E."

"You move up, you'll get more. We help each other out. Stinking aliens take our jobs

we'll do something about it... Right?" Erwin slurred some words.

"Damn right," said Lel.


Black SWAT trucks flew low over hills dense with trees, barreling toward a run-down old factory building.

This time the G.E had not left, and they opened fire, energy blasts, and bullets shot out from the factory. Surrounded they had no way to escape, desperate they shot and blasted everywhere.

The SWAT exited their trucks, and other police cars flew in to secure the perimeter.

Inside the G.E members yelled out orders to each other, no one person in charge. Outnumbered, the fear of death swept through them.

The SWAT teams stormed the factory and made their way through the building. Using deadly force, they made sure to stop the G.E.

Frustrated, the few remaining G.E cursed.

All the other G.E members unconscious or dead, the last G.E standing surrendered.

Outside, Gill watched and listened over the SWAT's cameras and microphones. Hearing the Arkvee was gone he wanted to have a little talk with the uninjured and conscious G.E member who gave up.

Going inside, Gill proceeded over to the G.E prisoner. With the handcuffed man kneeling down on the floor in front of him, Gill pulled out his Falchion and aimed it at the G.E member's head.

"Man, you can't shoot me, all these police."

"Do you see anyone trying to stop me," said Gill as the SWAT and other officers stood around watching.

"I don't know anything... They moved the Arkvee yesterday."

"I can see that. Not helpful." Gill put the gun closer to the man's face.

"Ok, they moved an exo-armor the night before. Some weird alien one."

"Describe it."

"I don"t know man... Big. Brobdingnagian or Rephaim maybe."

"And where was it sent?"

"I don't know that. Or where the Arkvee is. They don't tell nobody."

"How many trucks and what did they look like?"


"The Arkvee. You were here right. You must have seen them dismantle it and the trucks they loaded it onto."

"No trucks man... A ship."

"Shit," said Gill in his head backing away from the man. "Does it have weapons?"

"I don't know. Looks like a basic dropship."

Turning, Gill hurried over to the Chief of police who kept a close eye on him. "Take all your officers off the case. It's just going to get you all killed."

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