Chapter 15 - Bad Guys

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Sept 26, 2229

Malphas's car pulled up behind the ruined food market. The plants had been cleared; the car bumped over the cracked and uneven parking lot.

Garage doors opened, and G.E came out with guns raised.

Joe got out; the G.E did not lower their weapons. The driver got out. Malphas got out, and the G.E lowered their guns. They all headed inside.

Diesel saw Joe and hurried over to him. "You look terrible. You ok?"

Joe mumbled with his sore jaw. "Yeah. I'm alive."

"You were at that attack all over the news?"

"Yep... You couldn't send someone to pick me up out of prison?"

"Sorry. Had hands full and didn't know where anyone ended up."

Malphas stepped closer to them. "Enough with the pleasantries. Is this Arkvee ready? We do not want to miss our opportunity to stop that Rephaim now do we?"

Diesel looked at Malphas. "It's almost ready. It's back together, and we'll be putting that black Dunamis to good use."

"Well get to it." Malphas turned, glanced at the Onslaught, and walked out.

Working behind the Arkvee, Wendy leaned to her left and watched Malphas. The Onslaught powered up and a thin black haze covered the entire thing.


Trudging along in the rain, Snorri had run out of steam. He knew he could never find Malphas in such a large city area. Sure Malphas had left the area by now, Snorri headed home.

"Should have searched for armor. Then gone for Malphas." He knew he would not get the exo-armor back. The underground area would probably have been cleared out he figured. Telling anyone to get back at them would be a waste of time. Going home would be dangerous as well; but what else could he do but start over, waiting for another opportunity.

"Snorri blew chance. Snorri stupid." Depressed, drained of his drive to go on his planned suicide mission, Snorri's violent thoughts became simmering feelings of loathing for Malphas, humans, and himself.


Malphas met up with a group of aliens in an abandoned skyscraper. The top half of it had been broken off and laid in a pile of rubble with weeds growing from it. Inside a large battery supplied power for lights. Dampness and the smell of mold filled the air.

Someone stepped forward. "Are you sure you don't want us to take care of Snorri?"

Malphas looked at them with anger in his eyes. "Yes, I'm sure. He is not worth the hassle. No one will believe him anyway. Did you find his replacement?"

"We found another Rephaim, yeah. But he's a bit smarter. I think you'll need to talk to him."

"Where is he?" Malphas looked away.

"We'd have to go to him. Since you look human, I suggest we take you there."

"Perhaps that would be for the best." Malphas turned and strolled to his car with his driver.

A few of the other aliens followed and got into their vehicles. One vehicle pulled away, and Malphas's car pulled in behind it. The other vehicles pulled in line at the rear.

Traveling miles to a populated area, the group pulled over near another damaged skyscraper. Many aliens mulled around inside. They walked down a hallway to a room in the back. There was no door on the room, and a Rephaim inside sat on a large, makeshift chair. The group shooed away any others nearby.

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