12. Giving excuses for not doing your homework - how not to do it

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I know I updated quite a long time after I uploaded the chapter before the last one and I'm sorry for that.  I was caught up with the usual schoolwork, exams and stuff. Being a teenager is so hard.

Not to mention, I've been feeling so tired lately that I've taken to dropping off to sleep on the bus home. Which is something I shouldn't do 'cause there have been one or two ocassions on which I went straight past my stop 'cause I was fast asleep. I had to take an autorickshaw and go back about five stops or so. It's not a big deal seeing as every one in my family's done that at some point of time.

Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy reading this chapter and comment and/or vote if you like! Happy reading, folks!


12. Giving excuses for not doing your homework - how not to do it


July 21,

5:56 pm.

Doing homework on a Sunday evening might just turn out to be extra boring when you come to know that one of your favourite movies ever is coming on the telly. That's exactly what's happened to me. Now, instead of being plain old bored, I'm bored and frustrated. I'd slammed my exercise book and text book shut and was sitting on the bed and admiring the ceiling when I got an idea.

And no, my head did not light up like 100 Watt light bulb at that point of time. Though I wouldn't have minded if that happened.

Basically, my idea was to make up bed ridden ('cause lame is overrated) excuses for not doing my homework and here it goes -

       Giving excuses for not doing your homework - how not to do it

1. Ummm, well....this homework was so bloody boring that I literally got bored to death. Oh, and this person you're seeing in front of you, right now? Now, that's the ghost of a certain former pupil of yours who's come back to haunt you!

2. My home was invaded by hungry sheep who tasted a bit of my exercise book, declared it was quite first-rate and chomped it all up.

3. I was searching for stuff for this assignment when I came across a picture of a shaved cat and got so freaked out that I tore up my entire exercise in a fit of horror.

4.I had a close encounter of the third kind and sold my exercise book as a souvenir to a couple of aliens who dropped by.  I also am now the only owner of alien money in this class! Maybe even the world, who knows? Oh yeah!

5.Shakespeare ran out of paper writing his sonnets and decided to borrow mine 'cause I'm such a big fan of his! (Eyes well up with tears of joy at this)

6.Had to feed it to my hungry pet termite when I ran out of old newspapers.

7. WALL-E decided to dispose of it.

8.I searched for it a million times but then realised that I'd sold it on eBay.

9.The neighbourhood grocer took it to make paper bags and I never saw it again.

10. A couple of clowns form the nearby circus borrowed it for a never-seen-before-brand-new trick of theirs! You could come and see them on Sunday, if you like! P.S. - I'll be accompanying them!

11.Someone poured concentrated sulphuric acid during the Chemistry practical to see what products sulphuric acid and paper would form. It didn't form anything really useful, sadly.

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