7. I'm weird, am I not?

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                                  7. I'm weird, am I not?


June 24,

4:56 pm.

Today went well or so I thought. Didn't turn my Maths homework in today so basically, I got into a bit of a scrap for that. Well, now that I think of it, I didn't really get into a scrap per se, I just had to stand all through the 45 minutes of our Maths period. It wasn't really shameful or anything 'cause half the class was standing too!

Bengali was kind of bo-ring, according to me. Our teacher didn't turn up and my friends kept on jabbering about movies (Bollywood movies, to be exact) and I felt like a fish out of water. Why? I'll tell you why -

1. I don't watch a lot of movies.

2. My parents would rather put me in the zoo or a fair as a 'Special Attraction Exhibit' than let me go to the movies.

3. The last movie I went to watch in a hall was in the eighth grade!

I needed to desperately do something to get rid of my boredom so, I basically started interrupting my friends' conversation by saying silly things like, "What was the guy's name, again?" "Oh, so this fellow is the other fellow's mother?" and "If it's just something you'd watch to kill time, why'd you go to watch in the first place?"

I'm a buzzkill, honestly.

But, that's something anyone would do if they were feeling left out, wouldn't they?


June 28,

11:23 pm.

God, am I tired? God, am I bloody tired !!!

Wait a sec, why the hell am I asking God that when I know the answer to that question very well? Tiredness makes my brain work in weird ways! LOL!

Went to the Certificate Ceremony (if that's what it's called) of my workshop that took place during the summer so I couldn't turn up for the Guide Meeting.

When I went to tell my Guide Captain that today, I was so bloody embarrassed and nervous for no apparent reason. My palms were all sweaty and stuff and my heart started racing. That always happens when I intend to talk to someone. So, I blurted out, quickly,

"Ma'am, umm...I-I..I...umm...I will be able not to attend the Guide Meeting today as I'm going to the British Council to...to get my certificate for the workshop that I participated in during the summer.."

Ma'am just smiled and said, "Well, don't forget to show it to me on Monday!"

I got even embarrassed for no apparent reason, again, "I won't..." and turned and ran madly through the corridor, without even turning back.

 I came home by the carpool and had my lunch before I went upstairs. After showering, I rushed to Grandad's room to get a hold of the newspapers which he was, as always, was kind of reluctant to give me at first. I was rather persistent because after all, it was the newspaper!

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