18. Well, ma'am, because you didn't feel charitable enough to give me a seventy!

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College began a month or so ago and it's driving me crazy (no surprises there! Pretty much everything drives me crazy) It's been one hell of a ride so far but I'm trying to stay optimistic to the best of my abilities. Oh, well, who am I kidding? I'm not even trying to stay optimistic in the slightest. I'm just trying to keep my fingers crossed while drowning in my usual pessimism. Yay! 

Anyway, happy reading, folks!


18. Well, ma'am, because you didn't feel charitable enough to give me a seventy!


September 30,

10:22 pm.

                   Had my Bengali mock test today. It went well, I suppose but I'm sort of annoyed by this whole mock test thingamajig. I genuinely can't understand why exactly I need to sit for another set of exams right after I've barely finished my half-yearly exams, erm, selections. Honestly. I'm not a robot or something that was created to sit for and pass exams.

However, my parents feel that the more exams I sit for, the better my preparation for ICSE will be and I will also grow accustomed with the whole exams thing and probably won't quake in my shoes or suffer panic attacks during exams. I think they're trying to condition me into not fearing exams.

So far, that's not working out very well. 


October 4, 

3:25 pm.

                       Shubho Mahalaya! (Mahalaya marks the beginning of Debi Pokkho, it's actually written as Devi Paksha, though, and is the period during which the Durga Pujo is performed. I think it's a fourteen day period or something. This Mahalaya means that time for Durga Puja has come. Durga Pujo is a humongous festival that involves the worship of Goddess Durga and her four children who have returned to Earth which is the Goddess' dad's house. 

Fun fact - this is not the original thing.  The real deal is actually in Spring (March or February or April) and is known as Bashonti Pujo

This tradition of Durga Puja began when Lord Ram worshipped the Goddess before battling Rabon, as we Bengalis would call him instead of Ravan, to rescue his wife and for this, he (as in, Lord Ram) needed a hundred and eight blue lotuses. He fell short of one and sacrificed his eye (which was supposedly blue) which pleased Goddess Durga and She blessed him abundantly!

By the way,  on Mahalaya, we get to watch the story behind Goddess Durga's creation and her defeating Mohishashur, the Bengali name for buffalo demon, which is always a fun watch!

Anyway, Durga Pujo is next week and we're getting holidays as a result! Yippeee! But before all that, I have to jump through two hurdles - sit for my Maths mock test which is today and face the music in Tuesday's Parents Teachers Meeting which is more like a metaphorical feast where the students (the average Joes and not the teachers pets or anything) are feasted upon by the teachers. I'm sure there are some teachers who aren't like that but most are. Yup, that is the sad reality.

 I'll be going with mum as usual. Dad's not going because -

a) I don't really want him to go because he doesn't exactly have a penchant for handling things well. Specially things like me flunking Maths a couple of months before I have to sit for my boards.

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