20. But who cares about melancholy when you can have non veg?

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20. But who cares about melancholy when you can have non veg? 


October 13,

6:19 pm. 

I wanted to go to the library today because we're still on hols (thank God!) but Mum didn't let me because the Pujas are still on and we had a Puja to attend. In any case, I really wanted to borrow some books on Organic Chemistry or Genetics but Mum didn't let me because ICSE is still looming large over my head and as the days draw nearer, it's beginning to look a hell of a lot like the executioner from Prizoner of Azkaban  film or the Grim Reaper in my dreams.

I used to love Organic Chemistry but not having that chapter in my half yearly exams was reason enough for 'out of sight, out of mind'. 

Then to top it all off, our Chemistry teacher in school (the one who couldn't recognise me even though she's taught me for three years straight, remember her?) taught us that alkenes and alkynes are basically the same thing (which they're not, obviously. An alkene has a carbon-carbon double bond while an alkyne has a triple bond and I must stop before I launch into a full-fledged Chemistry lesson here!)  just like she taught us that opaque and translucent is basically the same thing so, a suspension and a colloid (suspensions are translucent and colloids are opaque) were also basically the same thing, according to her!

I stood up and proceeded to point out that both have different particle sizes to begin with let alone the most basic difference being that opaque and translucent are not one and the same thing but, oh, well. Majority of my classmates stared at me like I was somebody who had popped out of a time machine or something and had started speaking like someone out of a Shakespeare play. Needless to say, they didn't know whatever I'd said and hadn't even bothered to look it up in the textbook for verification or anything. They just chose to believe whatever the teacher said. 

Talk about groupthink!

Anyway, what I was actually trying to say before I rambled off as usual was this -

Whatever little I had gleaned of (and liked, mind you) of Organic Chemistry, it all went straight to the innermost circle of hell (erm, my mind) thanks to school.

Also, I think I'm pretty much the only non-studious individual in tenth grade who loves Organic Chemistry.  Well, that might not be all true. Although, if you ask my classmates they'll tell you I love studying, which I admit I do as long as it's not thing boring like Civics or something, and that I study six to eight hours, which is absolutely untrue!

The problem here is that I, apparently, look like a studious individual according to most people I know (except my parents who insist I don't). I used to wear glasses from fifth till eighth grade which may have indulged this illusion (or delusion, as Mum would say!) and more often than not, you'll see me with some book or the other, including books on literary criticism which, I think, has further fostered the illusion of me being all scholarly.

Which I'm not. Honestly.

Evidence - 

a) If you sneaked a peek in my exercise book during class, you'd probably see me scribbling some ridiculous poem or the other or doodling away to glory.

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