5. Well, it turned out okay, I suppose..

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                            5. Well, it turned out okay, I suppose..

June 3,


7:54 pm.

We had to tell people (as in, the folks who are participating in the workshop) the plot points today. I was so goddamn nervous. I was absolutely certain and definite and sure (see how certain I was?) of how crappy my story was.  Actually, last night was too tired to think straight so I came up with a morbidly sad plot. I'll give you the gist. 

The protagonist's uncle and aunt come to visit him in Kolkata from France. And then, they offer to take him back to France for higher education but the protagonist isn't too sure about whether he wants to go because of his grandmother. His grandmother tells him that she wants what's best for him and that is what his parents (they're dead) would've wanted too. He (the main character, that is) goes for a walk 'cause he's unable to decide and at the end of the walk, he's decided what he's going to do. And his decision is....(drumroll!)

To go to France later and stay and take care of his grandmother at the moment and then if he can, he'll go there later. 

I was so happy about this last night. But, this morning, I read it and I thought  "God! This is so lame! How can I write something likes this? People'll read this and laugh to death. This is so damn typical. "

But, unfortunately, I could do nothing to change my story 'cause I realized it when I was in the bus! Oh, how dumb of me!

Anyhow, I was beating myself up (not literally because that'd be pretty silly and I would get hurt, obviously) over the silly plot when suddenly an awesome idea crept into my mind! I got the idea from watching a guy pass another guy's money to the conductor. I thought, Hey, what if the guy who passed the money was a con man? What'd he do then?          

However, the plot I finally came up with while drinking black coffee and eating a Belgian choco shot while flipping through a book on Criminology was this -

  The main character sees his best friend at a bus stop who's trying to help a twelve year old kid. But, the main character and his friend get conned by the kid and his 'father'!

Unfortunately, I had no time to write the plot points down so I had to remember the whole thing, when I was talking to the other people in the group.

They said it was okay and seemed a bit predictable but was better than the morbidly sad one.

I'm so happy I thought of the other one.

June 6,


4:41 pm.

Yesterday's workshop went pretty well and I read out the first draft of my story to people (in the workshop and not the entire population of Kolkata, okay?) and their response made me so so so so happy!

There's a girl who's in our workshop and she wrote a letter to J.K.Rowling and she sent a reply back! Oh, how lovely!

I think I'm going to publish the story in my blog.

June 7,


9:14 pm.

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