8. Mum and the Mean World Syndrome

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                            8. Mum and the Mean World Syndrome ^_^


July 1,

3:47 pm.

Showed my certificate to Ma'am after Assembly today.

Actually, I barely managed to hand it to her.

She was standing there with the kiddies (who are very dangerous, if I might say so) and I was going up the stair case (which kind of makes me think of Hogwarts) when I made squiggled my way through to Ma'am. However, when I handed the certificate to her, she asked me,

"Why didn't you give this to the Vice Principal before the assembly?"

I died at that. I did. I was sooooo embarrassed.

Why couldn't I just  have given it to the Vice Principal? Oh, wait, I remember, I reached school, when the assembly had started!

I started babbling like a fool, "Umm....umm...well...um..er..well...I was-I was late today so...."

"Oh, that's okay..", Ma'am said and smiled at me as she moved away with kiddies.

The prefect who was there at the foot of the staircase gave me a weird look and I had half a mind (not really, my mind was intact, it's just what people say) to tell her, "What the hell are you looking at?" but, then again, I remembered that a) she was a prefect and b) I seriously did not want to get in trouble with a prefect. Again.

Well, you see, I'm not really the type to get into trouble with anyone so, when I do, it becomes headlines the school for a few hours (or um, days).

Okay, I'll tell you what happened.

 About two years ago (Exactly seven hundred and twenty five days ago. Oh, yes, I kept count. Calculated it now, rather), I had taken all my Lord of The Rings DVDs to school so I could give them to Ahana.

Sadly, she didn't turn up 'cause she had chosen exactly that day to be absent (It was her mum's birthday actually, but who cares why she was absent, the incident happened with moi) and therefore,  (I sound like a Maths problem, now!) I couldn't give her the DVDs.

All of a sudden, during our third period (which was Geography, actually) prefects (the class eleven ones) started pouring into our class room so that they could search our bags.

Oh Holy Mother of God! Why did it have to be today?! Today of all bloody days?! WHYYYYYYYYY?! WHYYYYYY?!!

Was my immediate (not response, actually) thought.

 I was nervous and I panicked. I was scared more than anything else and I was shaking like hell.

Not that hell shakes all the time or anything.

Anyhow, I saw everyone's bag being checked and I wanted to hide those DVDs so badly. But, where could I hide them? Or should I hide them?

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