10. Speaking and me is a bad, bad, bad combo.

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P.S. - I know it's been a long time since I updated but I was busy doing my ICSEs and once, they were over I took a month-long much needed break and then, school started and ended. For a month, at least.

Phew! This year was a tough one and I'm awfully glad it's all over. However, this year's not looking too good either. I had a crap English exam on the last day of school and I'll probably spend the rest of the summer mulling over it. I'm lame, I know.

My results came out and if you thought I would tell you how I did, I won't.

BTW,  as I've mentioned before, the hols have started! Yay!

                                    10. Speaking and me is a bad, bad, bad combo.


July 10,

10:14 pm.


Life is totally horrible when you have exams. And homework. And debate practice.

Right now, my life is stockpiling all sorts of brain tiring work on my head just so that it can sit back and have a nice laugh about  how ridiculous I act when I'm stressed. It's just awful.

And do you know what's even more awful?

Two things -

a) My family (the male populace, in particular) gets some sort of weird allergy (not really) when they see me doze in the afternoons during my exams and the fact that I can't help it about my feeling really sleepy during the daytime, doesn't help.

b) I have absolutely no clue about how to speak in public and it just scares the living daylights out of me, to be honest.

 I was really excited about this whole debate thing until I realised I actually had to place views on subjects and do public speaking.

 Uh-oh, that came out  kind of wrong!

I mean, the moment I actually went for debate practice and all, all that bottled up enthusiasm that was inside me just drained away in an instant. Or little by little during the entire course of twenty minutes that were spent during practice.

Well, basically, Suroma called me during the last period (which was Biology) and told me that it was time for debate practice. My teacher hadn't arrived yet so I told her that I'd wait for her to arrive and then go down after I'd excused myself from her.

 I waited another ten or fifteen minutes and then absolutely had to head out the classroom door or else I'd be the only fool who was foolish enough to turn up late on the first day of practice and I definitely didn't want to be a fool.

Not that there was anything wrong with being a Fool.

Fool as in the fools or court jesters of Shakespeare's plays and not just some random idiot, okay?

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