twenty five

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b 🐝
can i call you?

viv 🦋
kékéli is asleep on me is it important?

b 🐝
no it's fine

b 🐝
i'll talk to you later

viv 🦋
no no it's fine call me

b 🐝
are you sure?

viv 🦋
yeah i'll just be careful when i get up from under her

viv 🦋
call me when you're ready

b 🐝 is calling you.....

She answered immediately not even letting the phone ring, "Hi." When he didn't answer right away she knew something was wrong, "B?"

He took in a breath, "Me and Char just got in the biggest fight."

"What happened?" She didn't want to sound happy, but a little part of her was. She was also concerned.

"She thinks I like you." She didn't want to overthink his words, but he's obviously upset that she thinks that's so it must not be true like the girls say.

"Tell her you don't..." She trailed her words playing with her fingers. It shouldn't hurt her as much as it did when she has a girlfriend.

"But what if I do?" He whispered. He got nervous when she didn't reply immediately to him, but that was only because she felt like her heart was beating out of her chest, "I mean just a little bit?"

"Do you?" She questioned.

"Would it matter?" She hated that she answered her question with one of his own.

"The truth? I'm not sure."

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