thirty nine

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Viv took the time to really think about what to do next, her and Domi went back to party with the group like nothing even happened. Because that's what Viv needed, she needed time to realize she was over complicating everything.

She has the chance to be happy, and the more and more time that past she's realizing she should take it. She shouldn't worry about what the next person is going to think.

She was tired of worrying so much, and she found herself worrying less when she was around him, she found herself happier and calmer around him.

They all stood is Domi and Sierras apartment, Sierra on Zions lap and Aaliyah on Nicks. They were the couples that made it through to the end.

You weren't going to see Aaliyah without Nick poking up behind her shoulder, and you weren't having a conversation with Zion unless he mentions how much he loved Sierra.

And that was something Viv was beginning to see herself wanted and with Brandon.

Austin peaked up from his shoulder, "Viv. Yassy said stress or confess. Do you prefer Brandon or Kékéli?"

The truth was Yassy didn't ask that, and Austin was just genuinely curious. He would have never asked if he knew what was going on.

"Really Austin?" Brandon started, "She's obviously going to choose-"

She didn't even give him a chance to finish before she blurted his name out to the crowd.

Austin shot up from his seat smiling, "She didn't even ask! Holy shit! I did this!"

"You're messy." Zion shook his head, and coming from him was saying something.

Brandon really wanted to talk to Viv about her choice so he pulled her into the kitchen, "I, she cheated on me."

He didn't mean to smile, but he was happy that there was nothing in the way of their happiness anymore, "Can her lost, be my gain?"

She leaned over to him softly pecking his lips lightly, he smiled down at her. "I'll take that as a yes."

It was upsetting they chose the last day their going to see each other for a long while to be the day they finally admit, they want to be together. But that was life for you. It doesn't work on your time.

um i didnt want to put viv too much in her feelings because i started feeling like i was writing down my feelings and was about to cry over it ??

i fucking hate that i miss him

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