twenty seven

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You start to realize you really like someone when you see them with someone else and it hurts. Viv learned that the hard way, despite having Kékéli on her arm she still felt hurt when she saw Brandon kiss Charlotte. She knew then despite all her denials to the girls she liked him, but it didn't change the fact she didn't want to.

She didn't want to fall for her best friend especially when they both had girls and especially during the time he was avoiding her.

He hasn't talked to her since their confessional phone call that wasn't very clear. Just because he wanted to be convinced not to like her and the call didn't help that.

He didn't want to hurt Charlotte, but he didn't want to hurt Viv even more which just left him in a situation where he was confused and didn't know what to do. It was easier to ignore the conversation and her in general then to address the issue.

But he knew Viv, she's not someone you could just ignore. Kékéli left Vivs side to go talk to her brother and that's when he made it his mission to talk to her.

He slowly crept towards her with his head down he didn't know what to expect, "Hey..."

"Oh so now we're talking?" He felt the shade from the way she said it, of course she was mad you don't just stop talking to someone after they admit their feelings for you.

"Look Viv, I'm sorry about that..."

"Me too." She nodded. "Can we just forget that night happened?"

He didn't want to forget, he wanted to build something from the night, but he didn't want to go against her, "Okay. Yeah, sure. We can forget."

my stomach hurts i'm so freaking nervous right now and ughh my ex went to my campus today and like he wasn't there for me but for his homeboy and i saw him and it fucking hurt like my stomach still feels like it dropped /:

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