thirty eight

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Domi had dragged her date along with her when she saw the snapchat she knew would break her good friends heart.

She debated on grabbing the rest of the girls to inform their friend on her girlfriends dirt, but she decided it would get to crowded and she knew Viv was prideful and wouldn't want to cry in front of anyone.

She planned on leaving her date with Brandon because that's who Viv was with, because leaving him anywhere near Edwin was a bad idea. He was being a complete dick to him and he didn't even know why. Of course everyone else did.

Viv and Brandon sat beside each other, it was weird to watch two people that like each other interact when they can't even do the things they want. Like she was sure Brandon probably wanted to kiss Viv, but couldn't because of Kékéli. Viv and Brandon were too good for a group of messy cheaters.

She grabbed Viv leaving her date with Brandon, "I'm not doing anything with him." Viv immediately said, no matter what she felt she would never take it far enough to hurt Kékéli. And from the looks Zion was giving her she felt guilty.

"I'm not accusing girl. I still have Brianna on snapchat and you need to see this."

She showed Viv her phone and watched as her face fell from watching her girlfriend cuddled up beside her ex. It was wrong, but she could admit her Brandon were just as close. So could she really be mad? But when the next snap appeared she felt her own heart drop, she watched as Kékéli smiled when Brianna kissed her. When the video stopped Domi dropped her hand, "I didn't want to be the one to show you the bad news, but she's not waiting for you. Why wait for her girl? Go be happy with someone willing to make you happy."

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