forty six

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Brandon surprised Viv at her doorstep, but he ended up surprising himself when it was her mother to be the one to answer the door.

Her mom was caught off guard and had no clue who Brandon was, and he was so nervous to meet her at the moment he debated on saying he had the wrong house, but realized how awkward it was gonna be when he had to actually meet her.

"Hi. Mrs. Robinson." He held his hand out shaking it lightly. "I'm Brandon, your daughters-"

Did he even address himself as her boyfriend? He knew he was, but for all he knew she was still dating Kékéli in her moms head.

"Ah. Yes, her boyfriend?" Her mother smiled at him moving out the way so he could come in.

"She told you about me?" He didn't even want to attempt to hide his smile.

"She won't shut up about you Brandon." Her mom shook her head, the reason he was always so afraid to meet her mom because of the way Viv would talk about her. Her opinion meant so much to Viv he was afraid her mom wouldn't like him and it'd ruin it all.

"All good things I hope?" He said it in a question, because he was genuinely fishing.

"Oh she said you bug." Her mother shrugged, and watched as his face fell. "I'm kidding you sucker. My daughter is very fond of you, but she's not going to be very fond of me because I told you that. Maybe you should go up to her room now, is she expecting you?"

"No." He admitted. "This was very spontaneous of me, but me and my friends were gonna fly back home from New York, and I couldn't find it in me not to purchase a one way ticket to your daughter."

Her mom seemed please of his response, "If it counts for anything I hope the two of you last."

"That means everything." He smiled walking up the stairs she was pointing to.

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