thirty seven

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It was the night the group decided to go out Kékéli had left back home earlier than expected. It was a little weird to Viv how fast she jumped on a flight back home when she finally showed up.

"Why did my sister leave?" Zion jumped on the couch beside Viv, she was the only girl already ready.

"She didn't even tell me bye so I couldn't say. Your guess is just as good as mine." Viv huffed. She was a little mad she just got up and left, but she assumed it to be a emergency. But if Zion didn't even know why, it seemed odd.

"I'll text her." Zion shrugged. He expected Viv to know, she usually knew everything about his sister. He brought out his phone sending her a quick text then dropping his phone on his chest turning to Edwin, "Hey Ed. How do you feel about Domi bringing a date tonight?"

Viv choked on air, she knew Zion was messy but she didn't expect him to be so open so fast.

Edwin flipped his friend off scrolling down his feed when Austin joined in crossing his legs, "I didn't know that! Shit I would've came. I am curious on your thoughts Edwin."

Brandon walked in the room from the kitchen sitting beside Viv, he threw his legs over hers tuning into the messy party Zion and Austin had going on while they awaited.

"Worry about getting your girl to like you again." Edwin snapped at Austin. They were all just teasing each other, it really was just all love.

Viv went onto her phone to ask Kékéli why she left and Brandon was peaking over her shoulder, he didn't want to be nosey but he couldn't help it.

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