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41,945 Likes brandon_arreaga just a reminder that real friends exist view all 2,945 comments

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brandon_arreaga just a reminder that real friends exist
view all 2,945 comments

vivrobinson idk if you're talking about real friends the song or real friends like me /:
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random i'm confused too viv
charlottedeann probably the song lol
sierraously you mad? 🤔
aaliyah seems like it.....

random vivs friends are messy
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vivrobinson you guys are quick to call my friends messy just because they ain't passive aggressive and gonna say it how it is lmao

random is charlotte really insecure about someone's who's dating his friends sister.... like come on girl
domiherr funny i was just about to comment that 🤔

random i'm really trying to like the new girls but they are bullies
zionkuwonu not asking you to like anyone

random OMG ZION ! hi dad!

brandon_arreaga the song

brandon_arreaga thought it was obvious
charlottedeann i knew it ☺️

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b 🐝
i meant real friends like you i just dont want char getting butthurt

b 🐝
are you really mad at me right now for not saying that?

b 🐝
this is childish

viv 🦋
no brandon what's childish is that it wouldn't have even mattered what you meant but you want to beat around the bush to make your girlfriend happy then tell me the truth

viv 🦋
if your girlfriend doesn't like me we don't have to talk lol

b 🐝
i dont want to stop talking to you

viv 🦋
a real friend wouldn't give you ultimatums so i'm not

b 🐝
so what? you're just gonna choose for me?

b 🐝
you're not even hearing me i dont want to stop talking to you and i didn't know that was going to bother you so much or i would've just left it alone viv i'm sorry i was just trying to make my life easier with char

viv 🦋
you see brandon i have a girlfriend too and she doesn't ask me to make you feel like shit so she could feel good.

b 🐝
i don't mean to put you at the bottom of my list viv bc you're someone i'd consider at the top i'm just doing my best to make her happy too

um so here's the tea i'm sad so a lot of the next few chapters are gonna be simp city so my bad g

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