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viv 🦋

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yes viv?

viv 🦋

tell me this don't look like ed

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tell me this don't look like ed....

b 🐝 is calling you.....

Viv picked up the phone shortly, "Hello?"

All she was able to hear through the other side was laughter, she waited for it to die down before Brandon was finally able to speak on his own without breaking to laugh, "I really stopped our rehearsal to show the boys that."

"Yeah fuck you too Viv!" She heard Edwin yell in the background.

"No!" She yelled into the speaker, "Little Eddie I love you!"

"She said she hates you." Brandon told him.

"Brandon, you fucker stop that!" She laughed.

"Austin she said you're just ugly." He was blurting things at the top of his head just to mess with her.

"Brandon I hate you." She huffed.

"No stop. You love me."

"Stop flirting already nigga." Zion groaned, they had rehearsal and he just wanted to get it over with so he could talk to Sierra freely.

"We're not flirting." Brandon shook his head.

All of the boys gave him a look, "They said we're flirting?" Viv asked.

"Zion said."

"Tell him he's ugly as hell and needs to close his mouth."

"She said close your ugly ass mouth." He translated. All the boys laughed, Zion went to grab the phone from him, but Brandon brought it away from him. "Z, Z! I'm kidding she said she loves you." She heard shuffling in the background from when Zion grabbed the phone.

"You can talk to your girlfriend later say goodbye." Zion told Brandon.

"Bye girlfriend." Brandon rolled his eyes at the boys smiling, he always embraced the way the boys teased him.

"Bye boyfriend!" She laughed hanging up the phone.

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